Holiday Guide 2012: Best “Other” Device of the Year

Android’s original allure was that it could be put on all sorts of devices, not just smartphones. However, this has only recently started to become a reality. This year alone, we’ve seen devices like the Nexus Q, Raspberry Pi, Ouya, and more. Never have we seen such computing possibilities in such a range of small devices. So here we present our choice for the Best “Other” Device of the Year.

Raspberry Pi

This credit card-sized computer may not seem like much, but at 3.37 in x 2.13 in x .60 in, the little Raspberry Pi packs almost limitless possibilities. For instance, XDA Elite Recognized Developer AdamOutler used one as the foundation for his CASUAL rooting system on the “root any Android” box, and XBMC has been ported to the Pi for use as a diminutive HTPC. Recently, developers from the community achieved ADB compatibility.

This sort of device can give kids of all ages the entry point into a career in programming, using the included MIT Media Lab’s “Scratch” programming language for kids. The device can also be used as a cheap alternative to a desktop computer for browsing the Internet and sending Email. And for those who want to load Android, ICS is being ported to the Pi. Oh and did we mention that it’s only $35? Go ahead and get one for yourself this Holiday season.




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