XDA Developers Holiday Guide 2013

XDA Developers Holiday Guide 2013


Here at XDA, we do things a little bit differently than most other online communities. Instead of being blinded by the latest and greatest in hardware specs and marketing buzzwords, we care about developer support and development potential. It’s not that we don’t care about the hardware—we do. It’s just that we understand that for most of our community, more goes into a smartphone and tablet purchase than simply marketing bullets.

With all this in mind, we’d like to take a minute to present some of the best phones and tablets of late 2013. But rather than simply telling you what we think is best, we’d rather give you the tools so that you can decide what phone or tablet suits you best. Head to the links below to get started!








In addition to the above lists, we will also be listening to your opinions on the Best Community Apps of 2013. Stay tuned on the XDA Portal to learn more about how to vote for your favorite XDA user-created apps!