Take to the skies with Holy Stone drones on Prime Day

Take to the skies with Holy Stone drones on Prime Day

Drones are one of those items that you really need to experience before you “get it.” Putting a camera 400 feet into the air literally gives you a new perspective on things. Drones have democratized the skies, making it possible to fly at a super low price point. I’ve flown over a dozen different brands of drones in my time, and Holy Stone is definitely in the top three manufacturers. Their drones are sturdy, fly well, and have good cameras attached to them. They have great connectivity to the remote and the phone you’re using to monitor them, even in the Wi-Fi bath that is my neighborhood.


I love taking a drone out and zipping it around the field near my house, especially when using the first-person camera view. You get a little rush either flying at 20 MPH just a few feet above the grass or shooting straight up into the air and seeing your entire neighborhood just laid out in front of you. It’s like your own personal Google Maps satellite view.

The price is right

Holy Stone drones also don’t cost as much as other drone manufacturers, so if you’re just considering getting into the drone space, this has a much lower barrier to entry. Plus, if you crash it, you won’t lose a four-digit investment in the blink of an eye. Holy Stone drones are good starter drones to get an idea of what drones can do before dropping some serious coin on a more serious machine. Holy Stone has most of its lineup discounted today and tomorrow, so if you’re curious, give them a look.

    The Holy Stone 720G is a more advanced drone with GPS, giving it more stable flight.

The Holy Stone 720G is one of Holy Stone’s higher-end offerings. The addition of GPS is a game-changer because it allows the drone to stay in one place when you release the sticks. It also allows the GPS to find its way home in the event of a disconnection. This drone is a good choice if you want to get a good drone, but don’t want to spend too much on it. Getting 20% off today is an additional bonus.

    The HS200 is a beginner entry in the drone space. There's no GPS which reduces the cost by a lot.

The HS 200 is a beginner drone with no GPS. It’s still easy to control the drone, but you won’t get the return home function. It also brings the cost down by quite a bit. Otherwise, this drone zips around nicely and has good range.

    The HS210 is a nano drone. It can be flown outside, but it's meant to be flown indoors, like around the living room.

Nano drones are fun for flying around the house. They’re compact enough to maneuver inside without worrying about smacking into walls. Even if you do, they don’t weigh much so they won’t do much damage. The built-in rotor covers will help in that capacity as well.

Holy Stone has a number of other drones on sale today. Check them out below:

Holy Stone drones are fun to fly and they don’t break the bank. Also, be sure to check into local drone flight regulations. There have been a lot of new rules lately. There are no rules for flying inside though, so if you keep it to your living room, you’ll be good.

We’ve got a lot more Prime Day deals today. If you need a phone to help fly your drone, the OnePlus Nord N200 is a good deal, or check out the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

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