Home Assistant 3.0 brings shortcuts to Android 11’s power menu

Home Assistant 3.0 brings shortcuts to Android 11’s power menu

One year after the Home Assistant Companion for Android was released in the Play Store, the app is getting a major update to version 3.0. The developers published a blog post on Friday celebrating the milestone, and also shared some details about what’s new in the update.

The list of new features is long, so we’re not going to cover every single change. There are, however, a few standout additions, including integration with Android 11’s power menu. Users will be able to add scenes, scripts, and automations made in Home Assistant — almost all entities are available.

Home Assistant 3 power menu

The developers said improvements have also been made to notifications. For example, Home Assistant 3.0 can use make use of the alarm stream to bypass a device’s ringer mode setting. This could be useful in the event of an alarm being triggered. Users will also be able to open another app with an actionable notification.


Home Assistant 3.0 also introduces new sensors and enhancements to the overall sensor experience. Some of the new sensors include keyguard sensors, last notification sensors, and a last update trigger, which will “represent the reason for the last update that was sent to your Home Assistant instance.” As for sensor settings, the developer made some changes so custom settings can help with what updates actually get sent to your Home Assistant instance.

There are many, many more new features available in Home Assistant 3.0, which you can see in the list below. You can also track any issues related to the app’s integration with Android 11’s power menu. The big update is rolling out on Android starting today.

Home Assistant
Developer: Home Assistant
Price: Free

Home Assistant 3.0 changelog

  • Lokalise: updates (#1147)
  • Add ability to opt out of crash reporting. (#1143)
  • Fix for sensor attributes of data type Long (#1145)
  • Fix toast message during database migration failure (#1141)
  • Allow TTS notification to speak as loud as possible using alarm stream, then restore volume (#1139)
  • Sentry Filtering (#1138)
  • Catch all cursor errors so migration can proceed (#1137)
  • Add screenshot section to PR template (#1135)
  • Add PR template (#1134)
  • Fixes button widget dark icon, really this time (#1133)
  • Add last update sensor (#1131)
  • Revert material bump as it introduced a dark theme issue with the widgets (#1130)
  • Allow sending broadcast intents to other apps via notification (#1129)
  • Add exception handling and correct null values in fan control for power menu (#1128)
  • Add sleep as android sensors for users that have the app (#1124)
  • Add feature to override device language (#1083)
  • Remove location request if background is disabled by itself (#1123)
  • Skip widget updates if the network connection is not active (#1122)
  • Correct battery level icon to better match its state (#1121)
  • Skip location update if the time of location is not as expected (#1119)
  • Add preference for background access. (#1118)
  • Limit the state of last notification to 255 (#1116)
  • Update widgets with the screen on intent so they appear to be more up to date (#1115)
  • Allow deleting widgets from the manage widget screen in case the widget was lost (#1114)
  • Bump dependencies (#1110)
  • Make media player widget editable (#1104)
  • Make button widget editable (#1102)
  • Locks and better lights in power menu (#1100)
  • Remove device_class from battery state sensor (#1101)
  • Add translations to power menu (#1099)
  • Add automations and scripts to power menu controls (#1098)
  • Make template widgets editable (#1097)
  • Explicit prompt for location (#1096)
  • Show a toast failure when widgets fail to get data (#1093)
  • Only promote sensor worker to foreground service if there is at least 1 sensor enabled (#1092)
  • Allow editing of the entity state widget in settings (#1084)
  • Ensure that we default to expected values to meet requirements for android power menu (#1088)
  • Fix power menu long press activity so it doesnt load black screen (#1090)
  • Fix weekly build
  • Change play store publish to weekly (#1087)
  • Update distribution plugin. (#1079)
  • Try a better approach for checking for daily changes. (#1073)
  • Add privacy policy (#1075)
  • Remove call number sensor due to policy changes at Google. (#1072)
  • Notification history filter options (#1069)
  • Request background location after requesting accurate location. (#1067)
  • Update to Gradle 6.7. (#1066)
  • Only check redirect uri if it starts with AUTH_CALLBACK (#1068)
  • Fix light sensor control (#1065)
  • Allow Play Store beta to be manually kicked off. (#1063)
  • Update Play Publisher Plugin (#1062)
  • Power Menu button enhancements (#1061)
  • Fix fan speed for non int fan speeds. (#1060)
  • Add Gradle Build Scans (#1050)
  • Power Menu Enhancements (#1057)
  • Allow notifications from history to be deleted one at a time or all at once (#1058)
  • Fix migration for Notifications. (#1056)
  • Add notification history page to settings (#1054)
  • Clean up a bunch of warnings. (#1053)
  • Geofencing Improvements (#1048)
  • Lokalise: updates (#1049)
  • Fix alert dialog background (#1043)
  • Update AGP, Kotlin. (#1047)
  • Allow customizing keystore path with KEYSTORE_PATH environment variable (#1045)
  • Fix listing all apps after target SDK change (#1044)
  • Allow TTS notifications to use the alarm stream (#1037)
  • Allow control of device ringer mode via notification (#1036)
  • Rename notification dismissed to notification cleared for event type limit (#1041)
  • More skippable intents (#1038)
  • Remove attributes part 2 (#1035)
  • Created a media player control widget (#1005)
  • Allow overriding PUSH_URL and RATE_LIMIT_URL in gradle.properties (#1032)
  • Remove redundant buildscript declaration (#1029)
  • Fix sentry crash after target SDK change (#1034)
  • Initial Support for Android 11 Power Menu Actions (#1027)
  • Allow control of DND via notification (#1024)
  • Fix sorting of sensors on the manage sensor screen (#1026)
  • Add notification rate limit info to settings (#1015)
  • Last Notification Sensor (#1018)
  • Allow notifications to use the alarm stream (#1019)
  • Add Stale Bot (#1014)
  • Send an event when a notification is dismissed (#1012)
  • Allow notifications to do TTS (#1011)
  • Update readme push_url link after refactor (#1010)
  • Attempt to request accurate location quicker. (#1008)
  • Allow opening of apps via notifications. (#1007)
  • Allow all sensors to be enabled or disabled at once (#1006)
  • Add keyguard sensors (#1004)
  • Add migration fallback, improve crash handling (#996)
  • Fix sensor worker blank text (#1003)
  • Start sensor worker when the app is updated (#1002)
  • Refactor widgets into packages and add previews to interface. (#1000)
  • Remove old migrations since we use room now. (#999)
  • Ensure that we don’t write to tags unless explicitly asked to do so. (#998)
  • Incoming/Outgoing phone number tracking (#978)
  • Lokalise: Translations update (#995)
  • Speed up sensor details screen (#997)
  • Resource cleanup! (#994)
  • Split permissions per sensor enity (#991)
  • Make on-boarding a more streamlined experience (#989)
  • Add file chooser to webview (#986)
  • Fix changelog link by removing full and minimal reference (#980)
  • Add a link to the change log in app configuration (#975)

Thanks to @tonypalus on Twitter for the tip and screenshot!

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