Honor 20 Has Global Availability and Record-Breaking Sales in China

Honor 20 Has Global Availability and Record-Breaking Sales in China

The Honor 20 will soon be available globally for people to buy in ten different countries. Honor has released the countries that will have the Honor 20 and the prices that it will be sold at. These countries are a part of Honor’s initial global launch, and more countries will follow in the future.

CountryDate AvailablePrice
RussiaJune 21stRUB 27,990
UKJune 21st£399.99
FranceJune 21st€499.00
GermanyJune 21st€499.00
MalaysiaJune 21stRM 1,699
ItalyJune 24th€499.00
The NetherlandsJune 24th€499.00
IndiaJune 25thINR 32,999
PolandJune 28thPLN 1999
SpainBeginning of July€499.00

Honor has seen a lot of success with the Honor 20 as they have broken records with their initial sales in China. In the first 14 days of Honor being available in China, over 1,000,000 units were sold. Honor’s successes don’t end there, as they were the No. 1 performing brand for the fifth consecutive year at the annual 618 Sales Day on JD.com. The Honor 20 ended up being the top selling product in the Android smartphone category in its price range.

After the roadblocks that were put in place by the U.S government’s Huawei ban, it looks like the Honor 20 Pro could soon get the green light for a global launch. Stay tuned for more information on that situation.

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