How to Watch the Honor 20 Series Livestream

How to Watch the Honor 20 Series Livestream

The Honor 20 series will launch in London at 6:30PM IST. Honor will be announcing the Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro as the next flagship phones from the Chinese company. Through a number of leaks and teasers, we have been given a good idea of what to expect with these new phones. Both devices will have the latest Kirin 980 chipsets, with the main focus being on the cameras. With a triple-lens setup, a periscope zoom camera will be featured, just like many of the other top phones coming out this year.

For everyone who is unable to attend the Honor 20 series launch, the event will be livestreamed to YouTube where you can see everything unfold live. XDA will also have several members of our team at the event where they will be reporting live to Twitter and Facebook. So make sure you follow us on social media to get an additional perspective of the event.

Keep an eye on this page from the Honor website where you can watch the livestream, check out some teaser videos, and even play a mini game that explores some of the new features of the phone.

Watch the livestream here:

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