The HONOR 20 Pro has the tools to capture great photos in every situation

The HONOR 20 Pro has the tools to capture great photos in every situation

HONOR is a brand on the rise, pushing the envelope in what you expect from an affordable but still cutting edge name. With the HONOR 20 series being the flagship products of the HONOR brand, HONOR continuously endeavors to improve its photography capabilities to produce images on-par with digital cameras, and successfully make a real point of differentiation from other brands. On the top of that series of flagship products stands the HONOR 20 Pro – the quad-camera powerhouse that allows users to capture magic moments anywhere, anytime.

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The global launch of the HONOR 20 Series centers on a campaign titled “Capture Wonder”, which encapsulates a key promise to its end-users: whether you are in a dimly-lit environment or are sat too far from a concert stage, the HONOR 20 series will allow you to capture your magic moments in ultra-clarity and in beautiful detail in everyday scenarios. The 48MP AI Quad Camera encompasses four lenses: 48MP main camera, 8MP telephoto camera, 16MP super wide-angle camera, and a 2MP macro camera.


Capture Brighter

The HONOR 20 Pro’s IMX586 48 MP main camera lens is supported by an array of AI-powered software and hardware that allows users to shoot with greater clarity even in dimly-lit environments. Its wide aperture ring at F1.4 allows for more light to be transmitted through the lens, enhancing the low-light capability of the camera in general terms with the support of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Artificial Image Stabilization (AIS).

AIS Super Night Mode can be activated by setting the camera mode selector to “Night”, this is to the left of the Photo mode. You will want to use the AIS Super Night Mode in situations like taking a photo of a city nights skyline, a dimly-lit back street or other low light and high detail areas. Once you enable Night mode, you will want to ensure you are holding the HONOR 20 Pro firmly with both hands to reduce any shaking. Once you press the shutter button hold still until the phone is complete with the shot – usually less than 5 seconds!

Capture Clearer

The 48MP camera sensor works alongside the 7nm Kirin 980 AI chipset’s machine learning capabilities for a new feature: AI Ultra Clarity Mode. Traditionally, zooming and cropping would result in a lower quality photo, but the 48MP Ultra Clarity Mode allows you to capture high-quality images which retain lossless quality even when edited with zooming and cropping. This is the perfect companion for any photographer wishing to capture low light photography.


Before you take a photo, ensure the AI Ultra Clarity mode is activated. Make sure you are on Photo mode and hit the settings button on the top right corner of the screen. Go to Settings and Resolution and select 48MP AI Ultra Clarity mode. Take photo of a street sign, a billboard on a tall building or flowering trees. Enlarge the final photo and you will notice that details can be seen clearly. You will need to hold the camera steadily for a few seconds to get the best pictures. It is important to note that AI Ultra Clarity mode isn’t suited to low light or night photography or when there are a lot of moving objects.

Capture Wider

The HONOR 20 PRO also includes a brand new super wide-angle camera. Often, super wide-angled cameras may result in distortion, but with specialized correction technology and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), even fashion enthusiasts looking to capture both their models and the striking background landscape will have nothing to fear with this 16MP lens.

Before you take a picture, ensure that the Super wide-angle camera is activated by selecting the Wide mode on the zoom slider.  Choose a vantage point in your city and take a photo of the skyline. You will immediately notice that you can capture all the iconic skyscrapers and the beautiful sky without having to tilt or shift your camera excessively. You will also want to make sure that you have your camera level since the wider angle of this camera can make the horizon look weird if it is off-angle.

Capture Closer

With a 3x lossless optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom, and 30x digital zoom, HONOR 20 Pro’s telephoto lens allows you to capture incredibly detailed and vivid photographs from large distances. Those who enjoy live events will never need to worry about being too far from the action, with HONOR 20 Pro you get the peace of mind that you will be able to capture every single detail from afar.

When the icon on the right of the screen indicates 3X or 5X, it means that you are on the Telephoto lens. To activate the 30X digital zoom, simply use the pinch-to-zoom gesture to adjust the level of zoom indicated on the right of the screen.

The HONOR 20 PRO can also capture amazing images of the moon with its Handheld Moon Shot. Once you cross 10x Digital zoom threshold by using a pinch-to-zoom gesture while focusing on the Moon, the Handheld Moon Shot relies on the capabilities of the Telephoto lens to deliver outstanding quality.

Not only will you be able to photograph across long distances, but HONOR’s new dedicated macro lens will also allow detailed shots of flowers, plants, or small animals. The camera will stay in focus up to four centimeters from the subject of the photograph. HONOR 20 Pro’s macro camera allows detailed shots of flowers and plants. The camera will stay in focus up to four centimeters from the subject of the photograph. To activate the macro camera, just open up the camera, press “More”, and select “Super Macro”.

Capture Better

The HONOR 20 Pro features the most powerful AI-enhanced cameras the company has ever put out. Powered by the Kirin 980, the HONOR 20 Pro can intelligently determine what your shooting scenario is, and tune the camera for the best possible shot. From photos of children, to animals, flowers, or food, the Master AI mode has hundreds of automatically recognizable situations. Beyond that, the HONOR 20 Pro will also automatically change the camera mode to make sure you have the optimal shot. Taking a portrait of someone, the phone can detect a portrait being taken and automatically enable the Portrait mode that allows you to set the desired depth of field and get the best shot with natural-looking bokeh.

No matter your situation, the HONOR 20 Pro enables you to Capture Brighter, Clearer, Wider, Closer and Better than you ever thought possible!

Check out some of the Sample Images from our HONOR 20 Pro review below!

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