Honor 20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Surprisingly Similar [Video]

Honor 20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Surprisingly Similar [Video]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series was announced earlier this month and it has been compared to just about every Android phone on the market. Surprisingly, people haven’t been as excited about this Note as other years. XDA TV‘s TK Bay took the device and put it up against a phone that has already been around for a while, the Honor 20 Pro.

We say the Honor 20 Pro has been around for “a while,” but that’s only in the breakneck speed of technology. It was actually only announced a few months before the Galaxy Note 10. The two devices are similar in a surprising amount of ways when you look at the price difference (the Honor 20 Pro is about half the price of the Note 10).


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That’s what TK talks about a lot in his comparison video. These two devices share a lot of great features. They both have 6.3-inch displays with similar resolutions, they both have hole punches, multiple rear cameras, 7nm processors, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and Android Pie. The cameras are one area where they differ since the Honor 20 Pro has an extra camera. The Note 10 also has the S Pen, which is something the Honor 20 Pro doesn’t.

Speaking of the cameras, TK goes through a bunch of camera samples for photos and videos. You can check out a few of the sample photos in more detail below the video.

Honor 20 Pro

Galaxy Note 10

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