Honor 20 Series owners get exclusive Fortnite Wonder Skin

Honor 20 Series owners get exclusive Fortnite Wonder Skin

Despite the stiff competition from PUBG Mobile and other third person shooters that have cropped up in the space, Fortnite continues to command a good share of the gamerbase. And now, Epic Games has teamed up with HONOR once again to give users of the Honor 20 series another exclusive skin called “Wonder”.

Epic Games had previously partnered with Honor to bring the “Guard” skin exclusively to Honor View20 users. Now, Epic Games is offering players who missed out then with a similar chance, as the new “Wonder” skin is exclusively made available to Honor 20 Series users, i.e. for the Honor 20 and the Honor 20 Pro. Here is a look at the upcoming skin, courtesy of YouTuber TheRelaxingEnd and his extensive coverage of the same.


Fortnite Wonder Skin for Honor 20 Series

Fortnite on the Honor 20 Series, and gaming in general, should be a smooth sailing experience on the devices. The HiSilicon Kirin 980 powers both the Honor 20 and the Honor 20 Pro, and the flagship SoC from Huawei packs in more than enough power to ensure that you face no hiccups in your gameplay. We’ve pushed the Kirin 980 to the limits in our gaming review of the Honor View20, and we walked away pleasantly impressed with its overall gaming performance.

Such an opinion was formed despite the View20 lacking a dedicated gaming mode at that time. So the inclusion of GPU Turbo 3.0 on the Honor 20 Series should get you some more benefits. GPU Turbo 3.0 claims to offer faster touch response, lower energy consumption by the SoC, lower frame drops and consequently, a higher average frame rate. As per AnandTech’s observations, Huawei uses TensorFlow neural network models that are pre-trained by the company on a title-by-title basis, allowing the neural network to build its own internal model of how the game runs and how much power and performance it requires. The effect of GPU Turbo is better observed on Huawei and Honor smartphones that sport a neural processing unit (NPU), which thankfully is present on the Kirin 980 present in the Honor 20 Series. The NPU speeds up the “inferencing”, i.e. the execution of the models created by the neural networks, allowing very fast adjustment of DVFS values to optimize power consumption without hampering the gaming experience, as well as predicting the requirements of the next frame.

With the Kirin 980 and GPU Turbo 3.0, the Honor 20 should have no issues going toe-to-toe with other dedicated gaming smartphones as far as the gaming experience goes. Having an exclusive Fortnite skin to show-off in game would just be the perfect cherry-on-top. To redeem the exclusive skin, simply open AppGallery on your Honor 20, and navigate to Me > Gift > Wonder outfit banner, and then click to copy the code. Next, go to Fornite’s redemption page and follow the instructions mentioned. Launch Fortnite and enjoy your new skin.

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