New leaked render shows Honor 30S in Orange and White colors, side fingerprint scanner

New leaked render shows Honor 30S in Orange and White colors, side fingerprint scanner

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Just yesterday we saw some of the first pictures of the new Honor 30S along with some more information regarding the device, like the new HiSilicon Kirin 820 5G chipset. The phone appears to be a mid-range offshoot of the Honor V30 flagship. Thanks to our sources, we now have more information about this device along with more images of the device in new color variants.

The first thing to mention is the specs. The Honor 30S will run the Kirin 820 5G. This is Huawei’s mid-range SoC. It will have 5G support, which is good for future-proofing the device. Mid-range processors have gotten very good over the past years, so not packing a flagship SoC no longer automatically casts doubt on performance, so don’t worry about that. The Honor 30S will also support 40W fast charging, which in my experience is very fast. The phone will also have a side-mounted capacitive fingerprint scanner, as we can see in the image of the white device.

As for the images, below is the first image we received. It shows off the rear camera setup and the new orange color. The orange looks to have some sort of shift pattern in it. In our image of the white model, it does look pretty white with the same pattern. There are some blues, greens, and purples reflecting throughout the render, so it might have a slight gradient as well.

As for the camera, the physical camera setup looks very similar to the Honor View 30. The only difference being this device actually has another hole below the flash. This could be anything from a Time-of-Flight sensor to a microphone to autofocus sensors. We just can’t conclude from the image. To that point, even though the setup looks similar, the sensors and specs of the camera could be different. We will have to wait for the official launch to get more information about the camera.

All in all, this device looks pretty great from design to specification standpoint. I’m excited to see all the official information about this device as soon as it launches. It is rumored to launch for around $350-400 which is fair for the design and specs of the device, especially since it will include a 5G chipset.