Honor 6X update may bring VoLTE support for all Indian Carriers

Honor 6X update may bring VoLTE support for all Indian Carriers

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The Honor 6X, a budget device released by Honor back in October of 2016, is a pretty old device now yet still somewhat regularly receives upgrades from Honor themselves. Earlier this week, an update which might bring VoLTE support for all Indian carriers has been rolled out, which is a function that the device lacked in the past. Previously, VoLTE only worked on some networks in the region, such as Jio, so it’s nice to see an update bring the much-requested feature to more carriers. It’s a small change but one that many users in India will be happy to see.

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, a network technology which should increase call audio quality and even allow your device to stay connected to a high-speed mobile network connection while making a phone call. Devices and carriers without support for VoLTE will drop down to 3G or even 2G in some places when making or receiving a phone call if you lack VoLTE. As for the Honor 6X, it seems that lack of VoLTE support on most networks is actually a bug. Support has been added under the “Bug fixes” category, according to the change-log of the update. You can check out the relevant information below.

● VoLTE implemented for Idea.
● VoLTE switch enabled for all operators.

The update is 567MB and will upgrade the BLN-L22 Honor 6X India model from B350 to B360. It’s a rather large upgrade for such a change, but then again it may require a number of changes from Honor to make VoLTE work. Users may also be disappointed by the lack of performance optimizations and other changes, especially for those outside of the region who the change will not benefit in any way. Although it may be disappointing, nonetheless it’s still somewhat impressive to see a company fixing bugs in a budget phone released nearly two years ago.