Honor 7X and Honor 8 will get EMUI 8 in Q2 2018 according to Honor France

Honor 7X and Honor 8 will get EMUI 8 in Q2 2018 according to Honor France

The Honor 8 and the Honor 7X are two of the most popular Honor smartphones of all time due to their pricing. The Honor 7X was just made available in a limited edition red due to its popularity. However, both of these devices have not yet been updated to EMUI 8, the latest version of Huawei’s custom Android software, so owners of these two devices have been curious about when they would be getting the update. Earlier, it was confirmed that both of these devices will be receiving EMUI 8, and now Honor France says these two devices will both receive the update in the second quarter of this year.


Now, we say that some people have been curious about the EMUI 8 update for the Honor 8 because the news on that has actually been going back and forth. In December, the CEO of Honor said the Honor 8 and the Honor 7X would both be updated to Android 8.0 and then explained why the Honor 7X was released with Nougat. However, upon further clarification the company released an official statement saying they were “still conducting tests on some of our latest devices including the Honor 8, Honor 8 Pro and Honor 9.”

A month later Honor India came out and said that the Honor 8 would not be receiving an update to Android 8.0 Oreo “due to hardware and software limitations.” This was then followed up by Huawei’s Chinese website saying the Honor 8 would actually be seeing an update to EMUI 8.0. On its Twitter account, Honor announced that the 8 Pro and 9 would be receiving the OTA update today, while the 7X and the 8 would be receiving the update in Q2 2018. Though it is still unclear if this EMUI 8 update will actually bring Android Oreo to the Honor 8, we at least have an idea of when the device will receive its promised update to EMUI 8.

If EMUI 8 features without Android 8.0 on board arrives on the Honor 8, then this would be similar to what we see Xiaomi do when they update older devices to the latest version of MIUI. While those older devices are getting new features included in the latest MIUI update, oftentimes they are not seeing an update from one version of Android to the next. Either way, Honor 8 fans will not be missing out on the new features that have been built into EMUI 8.0.

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Source: @Honor_FR

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