Honor 8 Camera Focus: Road Trip to Big Android BBQ

Honor 8 Camera Focus: Road Trip to Big Android BBQ

Miles from XDA TV set out to test one of the best features of the Honor 8 phone by taking it on a road trip all the way to the Big Android BBQ in Texas. This video takes a look at some of the photos and videos that were taken so you can see the quality for yourself. If you want to read more about the Honor 8’s dual-camera setup and how it works, you can read our explainer.


The first photo is from a hotel in Texas. This is a prop of an old vintage camera. This was taken with the wide aperture mode in the Honor 8 camera app. Taking wide aperture photos can produce images with a shallow depth of field. In this photo you can see how the lens of the vintage camera is the part that is in focus and the background is blurred. This gives this picture a very professional look. This effect is handled entirely in the software side of the phone.


This is a picture of the conference building that the Big Android BBQ took place in. The camera did really well in handling this type of condition. On the right you have strong shadows coming from the trees, the sky is bright and even the building has a shadow over it. Normally this would make for a difficult picture to take. Notice how the shadow areas are still visible, the sky isn’t blown out at all, and you can even see the small details on the building in the distance.


While it look like this video was taken at day time with good lighting conditions, it was actually taken in a dark restaurant at night time. There is virtually no noise and colors and details looks great. You can easily read the small text on the menu sitting on the table.


This is one of the best photos taken on this roadtrip. HDR mode was used to improve the details in the lightest and darkest areas of this photo. Look at how consistent the details are throughout the picture, even though you have varying levels of light going on.

Thanks to Honor for making this post possible. As a reminder, we have a partnership going with Honor which includes, among other things, an incentive program where you can win prizes just by being active in Honor forums on XDA.

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