Honor 8 in Pictures: Blue, Black and White

Honor 8 in Pictures: Blue, Black and White


The Honor 8 comes in three different color options that really change the personality of your device. With the choices of Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue and White Pearl, we wanted to show you some pictures of each option and talk about the differences. Just a quick reminder about our partnership with Honor where you can win prizes just by being active in Honor forums on XDA. Also, be sure to check out the Honor 8 forums.

These different colors are not applied to a shiny plastic body like you see in many smartphones. These have a very metallic look and are encased in 15 layers of light-catching material. This makes the color of your device significant because it doesn’t just change the look of the phone, but it affects the refraction of light as well.


Reflections of light on the back side of the Honor 8

Set the Honor 8 next to other Android devices and it will stand out with the noticeable and unique reflections coming from your phone.


The Honor 8 in Midnight Black

With the Midnight Black option, reflections are darker and give the phone a look similar to a black sports car. On the front of the phone you’ll have less of a contrast between the bezel and the screen to bring together this blacked-out premium look.


The Honor 8 in Sapphire Blue

The finish on the Sapphire Blue option has multiple personalities: sometimes it looks like bright metallic blue, as shown above, and sometimes it has more of deep navy look that reminds us of the ocean. It’s reflective with a level of depth that makes light look as if light is passing through the surface of your phone and illuminating the glass layers beneath it. This is a very bold and eye-catching option.


Honor 8 in White Pearl

White, being a popular color for electronics because it hides fingerprints the best, is a way to make sure all of your tech matches. The simplicity of the white edges complement the bright and vivid display of the Honor 8. The back of the phone looks beautiful with the silver metallic trim around the edges and outlining the fingerprint sensor.


The side-rails are color matched based on the color on the Blue and Black versions (with blue and black rails, respectively), while the White model has silver rails.

Here are some more photos of the different options. Take a look and see which one would be the best fit for you.

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