Honor 8: The Best of XDA

Honor 8: The Best of XDA

The Honor 8 launched in 2016 as the flagship Honor phone. It has since seen the development community grow as they create ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries and mods to keep this phone relevant and up-to-date. You can find this phone for around $300 on Amazon and other sites, making this phone a fantastic bargain. This page shows all of the best content from the development community.

See the different colors available in the Honor.

See several camera tricks that let you get the most out of your Honor 8.

See the XDA in-depth review of the Honor 8.


OpenKirin’s RROS

Get RROS 7.1.2 on your Honor 8. This ROM has everything working and is compatible with most Honor 8 models.

RROS Features
7.1.2 NougatBased on LineageOSVery StableSupports all FDR models

OpenKirin’s AOSPA

Get all the best features of Paranoid Android on your Honor 8 with this AOSP ROM.

AOSPA Features
7.2.2 NougatBased on AOSPSubstratum Theme EnginePie Controls

OpenKirin’s LineageOS

Fans of LOS will be interested this unofficial build of the ROM based on Android 7.x.

LinageOS Features
7.x NougatBased on LineageOSMany BugsCamera Issues


There’s a massive community of fans for Carbon ROM and this unofficial version brings the ROM to the Honor 8.

7.1.2 NougatVery StableApp opsSubstratum Theme Engine


Elite Kernel

This kernel was designed to fix a problem with the Honor 8 losing root on reboot.


This kernel comes with features that support several governors, ZRAM, NTFS writing, faster fingerprint wakeup, fingerprint gestures and a lot more.


EMUI Official 3D Camera Effect

The 3D camera effect was originally exclusive to the Chinese variant of the Honor 8. This mod brings this feature to other models of the Honor 8.

Camera Mod by Jordon F

This Mod brings several enhancements to the Honor 8 camera. Bump your video bitrate to 28mbps for better quality videos, get better ISO settings, 100% Jpg compression, better low light performance and much more.

Call Recorder Mod

This simple mod adds a record feature to your phone calls. This works directly with the default dialer app.

Dolby Audio Mod

Improve the speakers on your Honor 8 with the Dolby Audio Mod.



This unofficial TWRP works with stock EMUI 5.x and features decryption support. As you mod your Honor 8, you’ll find that decryption is very important to avoid bricking your phone.

Huawei Multi-Tool by Team MT

The Multi-Tool is going to be one of your most useful resources for your Honor 8. With features that left you flash recoveries, flash stock elements and flash GAPPs, this software makes everything a little bit easier.

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