Resurrection Remix for the Honor 9 is the First AOSP-based Custom ROM on Kirin 960

Resurrection Remix for the Honor 9 is the First AOSP-based Custom ROM on Kirin 960

At XDA-Developers, we pride ourselves on the power of the community in providing choices — choices that accommodate the wide variety of needs from different users. One of the common products of this choice is the availability of AOSP based custom ROMs for devices that run on an otherwise heavily customized UX. And that is what has now happened with the Honor 9 as it has received its first AOSP-based custom ROM in the form of OpenKirin’s Resurrection Remix (RR). In fact, this is the first device running on the Kirin 960 SoC to have received an AOSP ROM of any kind.

Team OpenKirin’s Resurrection Remix N v5.8.4 is now available for the Honor 9 (STF). Specifically, this Honor 9 custom ROM officially supports the STF-AL00/AL10/AL20/L09/L14/L19/L39 and TL10 variants. This is an early test version and not a stable release, so expect things to be on the path of improvement and not completely bug-free just yet.

RR on the Honor 9 comes with features like the Substratum Theme Engine, Magisk Manager, OmniSwitch and other standard features in functional form such as WiFi, BT, GPS, IR, NFC, Dual SIM support and more. The bug list for the ROM includes issues with Encryption, fingerprint sensor, slight issues with video recording, and occasional reboots when the device is connected to a computer.

To install this Honor 9 custom ROM, you obviously need to have a bootloader unlocked device to install TWRP on your device. Users need to install a specific version and build of TWRP, and the main post links directly to the file needed. Prior to ROM installation, users also need to erase their registered fingerprints from the device. You also need to install vendor.img through a computer before you can flash the ROM from TWRP. The complete set of instructions with needed download links for the ROM and other files such as sources are found in the main thread, so we recommend users visit the thread for updated information. Be sure to check out the FAQ present in the second post prior to installation.

Many community members are rightfully skeptic when an OEM with a poor track record comes forward to proclaim their support towards the community and community-centric efforts. But when such proclamations are followed by meaningful actions, it is the end community that stands to gain out of it ultimately. We’ve been assisting Honor in various aspects of community-based developments, ranging from assembling development teams to ensuring healthy development activity on new Honor devices to re-invigorating development on previously released Honor devices. Yes, there have been issues that needed to be worked out, and they are being worked out. Development on Honor devices has been increasing slowly but surely, and community participation is presenting encouraging results. XDA’s Honor Community Incentive Program 2.0 that gives away prizes to community members for meaningful contributions has also been a success so far.

We’re excited and hopeful for the future – excited because we are witnessing development on newer SoCs at a significantly improved pace; and hopeful because we expect such efforts to continue moving along in the right direction.

What are your thoughts on Team OpenKirin’s RR on the Kirin-960 powered Honor 9? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out this custom ROM on the Honor 9 forums!

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