Honor 9 April security update rolling out, brings Face Unlock feature

Honor 9 April security update rolling out, brings Face Unlock feature

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More and more budget devices are being pumped out by OEMs these days. Honor is one of these OEMs, a company which tends to support older or weaker devices (though sometimes with reluctance). An update is rolling out to the Honor 9 now that updates the phone to EMUI The update includes the April security patch and face unlocking has also been added at the same time. Honor is currently rolling out the update in a staged rollout globally, meaning that users will not all get the update at the same time. This is done in case there are any problems so Honor can pull the plug before it affects all devices.

The April security patch is a particularly important as one of the worst vulnerabilities would allow an attacker to create a file that exploits the media framework. This file would allow for code execution, where an attacker could theoretically wreak havoc on your phone. This is because of the privileged status of the media framework, as anything running through it would usually inherit its permissions, too. The fixes for the other exploits are important too, but that’s certainly the most important of them all. Security patches are important for protecting your device and they are paramount to security.

While unconfirmed to work on the Honor 9, XDA Senior Member ante0 created a port of the Honor face unlock feature that could theoretically be installed on other EMUI 8 devices. The reason it’s desired is simple: Honor’s implementation is much faster and safer than Android’s built-in version. If it works similarly on the Honor 9 as on other devices, then users certainly won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking forward to trying it early, you can try to use a VPN and connect to any of the countries where users have successfully received the update, which are mentioned in the thread linked below.

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