Honor 9X Durability Test – Are Pop-Up Cameras Durable?

Honor 9X Durability Test – Are Pop-Up Cameras Durable?

The Honor 9X comes in the form of Honor’s budget entry for their 2019 smartphone options. A common sacrifice you’ll find among budget phones is lower quality materials. Using lower quality materials is a logical way to keep costs down while still offering decent specs. The Honor 9X has a simple plastic back and a noticeably softer rim than some of Honor’s flagship phones. The phone still offers great performance with the Kirin 710F and up to 6GB of RAM. We put the phone through a durability test see if this budget option can withstand basic drops and scratches.

While testing the screen against key scratches, the Honor 9X shows no damage at all. The screen also survived several drops onto different surfaces, without any cracks appearing. The “full view” phone doesn’t have any notches or camera holes cut into the screen that could sacrifice the integrity of the display. This results in an overall stronger glass display that adds to the durability of the phone.


An area where we saw the most damage was the soft rim of the phone. Our drop tests showed scratch marks appearing after the very first drop. As long as you don’t have any major impacts on the top of the phone (where the selfie camera and sim tray are located) your Honor 9X should survive with only minor scratches on the rim. The back of a phone is a common place to shatter on impact, for many phones. This is much less likely to happen on the Honor 9X due to the strong plastic material used to make the back of the device.

Honor 9X with minor damage to the corner

The motorized pop-up selfie camera was a big area of concern for durability. Dropping your phone while the selfie camera is out could be a bad situation if your phone falls just right. Honor addressed this by implementing falling detection, which will retract the camera back into the phone when the Honor 9X begins to drop.

It is worth noting that the Honor 9X comes with a silicone case that will protect it from scratches and minor drops. Check out the video to see these tests in action.

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