Honor Community Incentive Program 2.0

Honor Community Incentive Program 2.0


From June 1, 2017, until December 31, 2017, we will be rewarding those that are most active in all Honor forums with prizes. We have a special script running to detect quality posts, and only quality posts get points. More specifically this means you should:

  1. Write threads and posts in any of the Honor sections
  2. Higher quality posts and threads get more points (we measure quality in several ways that we cannot disclose)
  3. So write guides, answer questions, and be a good citizen of XDA

June prizes announced!
July prizes announced!
September prizes announced!
October prizes announced!
November prizes announced!
December prizes announced!
January Prizes announced!

Next Prize Giveaway (for January): April 5, 2018

What can I win?

Here’s a look at what we have up for grabs. We reserve the right to change the prize list due to product availability:

Honor 8 Pro
Honor 6X
Honor Band
Honor Earphone
$10/$20 Coupon for any Honor product
Participation in an Honor software beta group

How are the prizes awarded?

For version 2 of the Honor Community Incentive Program, we are track two values: monthly points and cumulative points. Monthly totals are used to calculate who gets prizes each month, while the cumulative value will be used at the end of this year to reward a grand prize premium Chromebook. Next to your posts in the Honor forum, you will be able to see your points like this:

Another way to see your standing relative to others users is by using the Leaderboard Honor Hub. The rankings are as follows:

Honor King
Honor Ambassador
Honor Addict
Honor Champion
Honor Fanatic
Honor Enthusiast
Honor Supporter

Which Honor forums is the Community Incentive Program active?

Glad you asked! Here’s the full list:

Honor 8 Pro
Honor 8
Honor 8 Lite
Honor V9
Honor 6X
Honor 5X
Honor Magic
Honor 7
Honor 6, 6 Plus
Honor 5C
Honor 4X
Honor 4C
Honor 3C

Sounds great! But I still have questions about this program.

Send a PM to svetius.