Honor + XDA Community Incentive Program

Honor + XDA Community Incentive Program

Next prize giveaway date: new rules and prizes coming in the spring!
September rankings have been announced.
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Hey there!

For the second half of 2016, XDA and Honor are going to be giving away prizes (the list of swag is below!) to the most active and most contributive users of the Honor forums on XDA. This is what you need to do:

  1. Write threads and posts in any of the Honor sections
  2. Higher quality posts and threads get more points (we measure quality in several ways that we cannot disclose)
  3. So write guides, answer questions, and be a good citizen of XDA

And here are the prizes:

Honor 8 (one awarded per month)
Honor 6X (two awarded per month)
Honor Fitness Band (two awarded per month)
Honor Engine Earphones (two awarded per month)
Honor Selfie Stick (five awarded per month)
Participation in an Honor software beta group (100 participants total)
Invitation to a future Honor event (five total)
$10 Coupon for any Honor product (unlimited)

How are the points tallied?

We have an automated script running in the background that looks at all of your activity in all Honor forums starting 8/16/2016. Each month, we look at the most active Honor users, and allocate prizes. Over time your ranking grows, so the more you participate, the more prizes you can win. Just so you know, we reserve the right to change aspects of the incentive program over time, so keep an eye on this page to see if there are any changes!

What are the badges?

We rank the most active users by the following badges. The ones at the top have the highest points:

Honor King
Honor Ambassador
Honor Addict
Honor Champion
Honor Fanatic
Honor Enthusiast
Honor Supporter

How do I keep track of my points?

You can see who has the most points in the leaderboard on the Honor Hub. If you want a calculation of your points at any time, you may send a PM to svetius.

In which forums is this incentive system active?

  Honor 6X Forums   Honor Magic Forums   Honor 8 Forums   Honor 5X Forums   Honor 7 Forums   Honor 6/6X Forums   Honor 3C Forums   Honor 5C Forums   Honor 4X Forums   Honor 4C Forums