Honor announces new color for the Honor 20 Pro, AI-Enabled app for the visually impaired, and more at IFA 2019

Honor announces new color for the Honor 20 Pro, AI-Enabled app for the visually impaired, and more at IFA 2019

We’re getting into the full swing of IFA 2019 and a bunch of great stuff has already been announced. Honor, of course, is also at the event and they have a few things to share as well. The company isn’t announcing a new phone, but they do have a new color for the Honor 20 Pro and some other interesting things as well.

Honor 20 Pro – New Color and Software

At launch, the Honor 20 Pro was available in two colors: Phantom Blue and Phantom Black. They are adding a third color to the fray, named “Icelandic Frost.” As the name implies, this color is inspired by Iceland, specifically the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Honor says this color is the “World’s First Dynamic Holographic Design.”

On top of the new color, Honor has announced that EMUI 10/Magic UI 3 will be available in October for beta testers. Dark Mode and a new color palette headline the features to expect.

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Next up is an app called “PocketVision.” This is an app that utilizes AI and the Honor 20 series’ quad cameras to help the visually impaired. It can help people read documents, menus, and other hard to read texts. PocketVision works in three modes: Text-to-Speech, Zoom-In, and Negative Image.

  • Text-to-Speech Mode: powered by HONOR HiAI and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, this mode helps to convert pictures to text faster and more accurately. It then narrates the text from books, documents, menus and more with ease.
  • Zoom-In Mode: leveraging the HONOR 20 PRO’s 48MP quad-camera lens and 8MP telephoto lens for ultra-clarity, this mode allows users to zoom into text using the volume buttons on their device, making even the smallest type larger, less blurry and more legible.
  • Negative Image Mode: providing a range of color filters to enhance the text, this mode improves the contrast of printed materials for people who struggle to see certain colors.

Honor Band 5 – New Countries

Honor Band 5

The Honor Band 5 launched last month and Honor took some time to talk about sales and expand availability. They’re reporting 387% YoY growth in shipments of the device in overseas markets in August, compared to the Honor Band 4.

The device originally launched in India, but now Honor is expanding availability to a handful of new countries. The Honor Band 5 is now available from €29.99 ($33) in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and other markets. In the UK, it can be purchased through O2, Argos, and Asda.

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