Honor India support tells users to go to service centers to unlock the bootloader

Honor India support tells users to go to service centers to unlock the bootloader

It’s no secret that we love tinkering with our devices here at XDA. Rooting, flashing, modding and other kinds of hacking have been our jam ever since the forum launched. That’s why it was a saddening surprise for us when Huawei decided to stop providing unlocking bootloaders for all of their devices. Their devices slowly became less recommendation-worthy. True, there have been a couple of methods for unlocking the bootloader on Huawei and Honor devices, but we haven’t heard of anything nearly official, until now.

XDA Senior Member arnabJ tipped us with the link of a thread from the Honor Official Community. In the thread, one user was simply requesting the instructions of rooting his Honor 8X. The service representative soon replied and asked him to visit the service center for unlocking the bootloader. Apparently, the service requires an invoice with IMEI number of the device and an ID card. A screenshot of the comment from Honor Service is below.


The news about this made its way to our forums as XDA Recognized Contributor miststudent2011 made a thread. XDA Junior Member kldpdas apparently tried out the method for himself and he received the unlock code in his email. Honor India later confirmed on the Twitter that they’re in fact providing bootloader unlock codes for Huawei and Honor devices.

From the looks of it, Honor is not approving of locking the users out of their bootloaders. It’s great that at least some users finally have a way to mod their devices to their liking. Unfortunately, the service is only available for Indian consumers, but it’s still something. There are no plans of expanding the program as far as we know, but there is always hope.

Thanks to XDA Members arnabJ and miststudent2011 for the tip!

Source: Honor Official Community Via: XDA Forum

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