Honor is Announcing Something Big on December 05

Honor is Announcing Something Big on December 05

Looks like Honor has something big planned on December 5th. This teaser shows a new phone with what appears to be a bezel-less display, alongside the caption “Max your view”. The event will take place in London UK, but we have no idea what this surprise phone is going to be yet.

While nobody seems to have a solid answer on what this new device might be, we can use some of the clues in the image to guess (click the image above to make it larger). The #IOOI tag in the bottom left corner features what seems to be a robot head. This could mean that this event will be focused on some new AI. There’s also two devices featured in the image. While they look the same, this might mean that we will see two new phones on December 5.

Got any ideas on what they might be? Let us know in the comments.

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