Honor Launches a Global Theme Design Contest

Honor Launches a Global Theme Design Contest

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Honor is giving themers a chance to win some serious prizes with a global theme design contest. While the EMUI themes have always been the least impressive part of their phones, they’re going the extra mile now to ensure that you’ll have access to some quality themes.

Designers who submit winning themes will win these massive prizes. The top winner will get $20,000, with cash prizes available for the runner-ups as well.

This is a world-class design contest where you will compete with design talent both locally and abroad. You will pit your talents against the popular, cutting-edge mobile Internet design concepts from around the world. If your design is selected, it will be added to one of the world’s largest smartphone gallery, a gallery used by phone enthusiasts of 23 different languages, with your name listed as an original designer in over 10 million smartphones! Are you excited yet?


Honor provides a design template to get you started which can be found in the link below. You’ll also fine the contest timeline and rules. The XDA Community has some of the most talented themeing communities out there. Now is your chance to use your talents to win a lot of cash. Visit the link for more information.

Global Theme Design Contest Info
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