Honor Launches Two New Services

Honor Launches Two New Services

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Huawei Subsidiary Honor will be launching two new services aiming to provide the best customer service for users of their devices. The more notable of these is the ‘Honor VIP Replacement Service’ and the second is named ‘Honor Elite’, an expansion to their already impressive ‘Honor Club’.


HonorMany will recognize that the Honor VIP Replacement Service is very similar to HTC’s recently announced ‘Uh Oh’ service. Upon damaging their Honor 6 or Honor 6+, users will be able to request a replacement. Eligible customers will then receive a replacement which will be sent via a same day courier service, “providing a replacement at the customer’s door“. The service itself will launch towards the end of April. We spoke to Honor’s Sales and Marketing Manager Wilkin Lee about plans to expand the service outside of the UK and this is what he had to say: “I can’t confirm our plans officially at the moment, the UK is the first trial country. However as always with Honor if we get increased consumer feedback in other countries that they are interested in the service then we would look to bring the service to them as well.”

A key difference between this and HTC’s service is that with Honor’s, the courier who delivers your new device will also take your old device, meaning you do not have to worry about postage. However this does mean that you will not be able to transfer your data directly over. Whilst not entirely replacing their current repair service which takes around seven days for a customer to receive their device back, this is a vast improvement for those of us who may need a replacement quickly.


The second announcement made is the forming of ‘Honor Elite’, a group within the Honor Club for priority members. An invitation to this group can be earned through continuous feedback and interactions with the Honor community. Members will be notified of important news on events, competitions and offers and more 24 hours before anybody else. These are on top of Honor Club’s already impressive benefits which include: invitations to fan parties, opportunities to participate in major Honor events, the latest product and system upgrade information and invitations to beta services.

If you have been considering an Honor device, the Honor 6 or 6+ may be the perfect chance to try one out. These newly introduced services show that the company can provide a quality of service rarely seen amongst OEMs


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