Honor Magic 2 update adds the ability to launch the front camera by sliding down

Honor Magic 2 update adds the ability to launch the front camera by sliding down

The revival of slider phones is the latest trend that some manufacturers (mostly Chinese) have tried pushing. Based on reactions we’ve seen from enthusiasts in the Android community, it’s fair to say that many people prefer the sliding mechanism over display notches. The main advantage of a manual slider in a smartphone is that you get a really high screen-to-body ratio, as seen in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Honor Magic 2. Both devices have the same mechanically retractable front-facing cameras, but the Mi Mix 3’s software lets you better customize what sliding the phone down does. The Honor Magic 2’s latest update, however, adds some additional customization to the sliding mechanism.

For those of you who don’t take many selfies, the sliding mechanism is a great way to reduce the bezels without a display cutout. However, when you do need to use the front-facing camera to take a selfie, then you may be annoyed by having to slide down the phone and then manually launch the EMUI camera app. During the announcement of the Honor Magic 2, Honor said that we would be able to launch the camera app to the front-facing camera by sliding down the phone. That feature wasn’t present on launch, but the latest EMUI update has added the feature to the “slide down screen” settings under “Smart Assistance.” Unfortunately, the sliding customization is not as advanced as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3’s implementation which lets you launch any app, but it’s better than nothing.

Honor Magic 2’s EMUI update, with the Deep Black EMUI 9 theme.

If you know a bit of ADB, it’s possible to customize the Magic 2’s slide down action to launch any activity of your choice. Fortunately, you no longer have to do this if you just want to launch the camera app. Here’s the ADB command in question, for those of you who own the device and want to change the action:

adb shell settings put secure quick_slide_app_db_secure "#Intent;action=*;package=**;B.from_slide_open=true;end"
adb shell settings put secure quick_slide_app_db "#Intent;action=*;package=**;B.from_slide_open=true;end"

where * is the intent action and ** is the package name.

If you wish to know more about Honor Magic 2, make sure to check out our video review of the device and join the forums.

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Note: Huawei has stopped providing official bootloader unlock codes for its devices. Therefore, the bootloader of the Honor Magic 2 cannot be unlocked, which means that users cannot flash root or install custom ROMs.

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