Honor is offering a €5000 reward to return the prototype phone an employee lost in Germany

Honor is offering a €5000 reward to return the prototype phone an employee lost in Germany

Have you ever lost a phone? You might not have, but I’m sure that somebody you know has. High-profile devices that have been lost over the years before their release include the Pixel 3 in the back of a taxi and the iPhone 4 was infamously lost in a pub many years ago. Now, Moritz Scheidl, an employee of Honor working in marketing, has made the same mistake. A prototype of an upcoming Honor device has apparently been lost, which the company does not want to fall into the hands of the competition. The person who finds the device will receive a €5000 reward. You can take a look at Honor Germany’s Tweet below.


Please help us

Contact at [email protected] or any employee of Deutsche Bahn (Germany’s primary railway company).

On Easter Monday, the 22nd of April 2019, an Honor employee on the ICE 1125 from Dusseldorf (at 6:06AM) to Munich (11:08AM) lost an Honor prototype smartphone. The prototype is in a protective grey case that also covered the camera with a shutter.

Email please at [email protected]

Due to the unusual nature of this public appeal, it would seem that this may not actually be a marketing stunt and is, instead, a legitimate request. It wouldn’t be the first time that a prototype device was forgotten somewhere, after all. The company has said that it was likely lost on Easter Monday on the Dusseldorf to Munich intercity express train. It is in a protective case which hides the cameras on the back.

It is speculated that the lost device is the Honor 20 Pro, a smartphone rumored to be launching soon. The high reward seems to be so that the company can guarantee its safe return, as a would-be thief would find it much easier to just… give it back, rather than attempting to sell it off.

Via: WinFuture (in German)

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