Recommend HONOR MagicWatch 2 to friends & Get more gifts for free!

Recommend HONOR MagicWatch 2 to friends & Get more gifts for free!

People that live in Netherlands have a chance to get lots of prizes! If you’re interested in HONOR MagicWatch 2, this event is definitely for you. The more sales you drive from your referral link, the better prizes you can get. Also your friends can get a voucher for up to 55 euros when they buy MagicWatch 2 through your referral code.


For Referee:

⦁ You can get one €50 voucher for HONOR MagicWatch 2 in Hihonor Netherlands ( ) through referrer.

For Referrer:

⦁ If you refer to one person and they complete the purchase with your referral link, you can get one HONOR Band 5. Only one HONOR Band 5 for one referrer.


You can also compete to win these prizes:

⦁ 1st prize: One HONOR 20 Pro (8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) for the participant whose referral link generates the most sales of MagicWatch 2 in HiHonor Netherlands.
⦁ 2nd prize: 3 x HONOR MagicWatch 2 (random color) for the participant whose referral link generates the second to fourth most sales.
⦁ 3rd prize: 5 x HONOR Bluetooth Earphones for the participant whose referral link generates the fifth to ninth most sales.

How to Participate:

⦁ Email your participation information to [email protected]
Participation information includes:

  • Name:
  • Country of Residence:
  • Email:

⦁ If you successfully joined this referral program, HONOR will send your individual product link with referral code. Only the sales generated from this link will be counted as your successful entries.
⦁ You may share this link and the activity to your family and friends by any social channels to increase your chance of winning.

Event time frame: From Jan, 27th 2020 to Mar, 24th 2020

⦁ Each participant can win one prize only, it will subject to the highest value of the prize if you are included into more than one prizes.
⦁ Only one voucher is allowed to be used in one purchase order with the value no less than the voucher’s value.
⦁ The prizes will be sent to you as the equal value purchase voucher in Hihonor Netherlands, you can redeem your prizes in the Hihonor Netherlands with the voucher with only €0.1, as the zero value purchase order is not allowed in Hihonor Netherlands.
⦁ One referral link for one participant. Participants who have more than one applications or links will be disqualified from this activity.
⦁ Participants need to stay honest and respect the rules. Those who cheated by any means to rank higher will be disqualified and therefore won’t receive any rewards.
⦁ Only HONOR Magic Watch2 sales in HiHonor Netherlands(in Hihonor Netherlands ( ) will be counted to compete in this program. Sales of other categories, or in other stores, or in other countries’ HiHonor Store are not applicable.
⦁ Personal information collected from participants will be used by HONOR for the purpose of sending referral links and prize delivery and will not be used for other purposes. For more information, please view this link: ( and )
⦁ By participating in the activity, you accept our Terms and Conditions. The details of this T&C can be found here:


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