Honor: The Company Behind The Devices

Honor: The Company Behind The Devices

With Honor having recently released several great looking phones and last year showing significant growth, we felt that many people lacked understanding of who Honor were and how they differ from Huawei. In an attempt to resolve this we reached out with a few questions for them to try and help people better understand the company and after much thought they have kindly replied with their best PR and marketing response (which you will surely see straight through).


Can you please tell us the difference between Huawei and Honor?
Huawei has designed a dual-brand strategy by positioning two separate brands, each developing independently. Honor is an internet trade brand of Huawei group, founded to create beautiful, high performing products for digital natives who demand to always stay connected and rely on the web for entertainment, shopping and everything else. The two brands are designed to coexist together to help the Huawei consumer business expand across markets.

Honor’s tagline is “For the brave” can you tell us why?
Honor is a new brand, born for digital natives, dedicated to producing high quality devices that suit their lifestyles and their budgets. Honor is a brand for digital natives who spend their lives online and our business model reflects this behavior. It means we don’t need expensive physical stores, gurus or contracts but provide quality devices at affordable prices through the online retailers digital natives have grown up with and use day in, day out.

Is there anything you can tell us regarding the rumors, that the next Nexus will be made by Huawei?
We don’t comment on speculation.

How do you plan to approach emerging economies in Asia, considering that these markets are price sensitive and are saturated with local brands? Any special plans etc.

In 2014, Honor saw significant growth and traction across the world, including mainland China, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. We’re focused on Honor in the UK and making an impact on European markets. Each market is very different, even within Europe. We’re seeing a strong appetite for Honor devices across markets, including the competitive emerging economies in Asia.

The Honor 4X has just been launched can you tell us anything more about this device?
The Honor 4X is available across the UK on Amazon.co.uk for the recommended retail price of £144.99. We’re proud of the hardware and software capabilities, which makes it the most powerful affordable smartphone in its price category.

The Honor 4X incorporates many technological advances. The 64-bit octa-core Kirin 620 processor which powers the phone was developed by Huawei. Other patented in-house technologies include the EMUI 3.0.5, SmartPower battery life management, and the SmartImage image processing engine.  Inspired by the fabrics and textures of the fashion industry, the design features a diamond cut casing to produce a metallic finish. Combined with a 5.5” fully laminated black waterfall HD screen and available in white or black.

Do you have plans to expand your Honor VIP Replacement Service worldwide?
We’re trialing this in the UK in the first instance, and depending on feedback from our digital natives, we’d certainly look to roll it out to further countries.

Can you tell us how an interested user would get an invite to the ‘Honor Elite’ club?
This is purely through engagement with Honor. If you’re actively an online fan, be it via following us on Twitter or Instagram, or liking us on Facebook, you coould potentially get an invite. Simply sign up to the Honor Club on our website to receive Honor news 24 hours ahead of the rest of the world, and be in the chance to get exclusive invites to Honor events.

How do you work alongside developers and are there any third-party projects you like?
The developer community is a hotbed of activity that we want to engage with. By definition, developers are driving digital natives and as a disruptive, challenger brand we’re keen to foster our relationship with the developer community.

Will you be aiding the modding community with developing custom roms and kernels for your devices?
<Honor chose to refrain from commenting here>

Finally Is there anything you would like to say to the XDA-Developers community?
We’d love the XDA–Developers to sign up to the Honor Club and really take a look at our handsets already available on sale throughout the UK. We hope you’ll be impressed with the quality of our devices. By signing up to the Honor Club, we’d love to see you all at Honor events to truly engage in the community and listen to feedback so we can grow.


Hopefully this has answered many of the questions you may have had about the company, their marketing department clearly knows how to spin a good tale, but we hope that the story behind the company is clear. If you have been to one of their fan gatherings we’d love to hear how the event went for you in the comments section.

Do you have any other questions about Honor that you would like to see answered? Leave a comment below!

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