Honor View 10 AMA Recap. Yes, You can Still Win an Honor View 10.

Honor View 10 AMA Recap. Yes, You can Still Win an Honor View 10.

If you were around late last night, you might have caught our live Q&A with an Honor View 10 Product Manager. We saw a bunch of great questions from the community and three lucky people each won a new Honor View 10.

Don’t worry: If you missed the event, you still have a chance to ask a questions and win. Post your best AI-related query in the Q&A thread, and several will be chosen to be answered by a Microsoft AI professional who will be joining Honor on-stage at CES. Two users with the best questions will win a View 10.

Here are some of the highlights from last night’s live Q&A:

How does NPU capability differ from other AI-enabled CPUs on the market?

Smartphones are different from servers in many respects, including size, power supply, power consumption, and heat management – all of which place restrictions on smartphone chipset design. Mobile SoCs have to deliver the best possible performance, while ensuring the highest possible density of core functions with optimal use of energy. The Kirin 970’s development team designed this chip on a solid foundation of past breakthroughs, integrating the world’s first NPU (Neural Network Processing Unit) specifically designed for a mobile device. This specialized processing unit, combined with Huawei’s innovative HiAI mobile computing architecture, delivers an AI performance that far surpasses any CPU/GPU build. Compared to a quad-core Cortex-A73 CPU cluster, the Kirin 970’s new heterogeneous computing infrastructure delivers 25x the performance with 50x greater efficiency. Simply put, the Kirin 970 chipset – with its embedded NPU – can perform the same AI computing tasks faster and with far less power. In a benchmark image recognition test, the Kirin 970 processed 33 images per second, which was several times greater than other chips on the market.

Mr. Qiang Gan

Does the NPU help in RAM and resource allocation during heavy usage?

The NPU is more focused on speeding the AI tasks, just like the GPU is more focused on graphic processing, while the RAM and resource allocation are mainly handled by the CPU. It is for the NPU that the Kirin 970 in honor View 10 keeps providing a stable AI ability even when the system load is high. A normal smartphone without an NPU will have to face a drop on AI processing in heavy loaded situations.

Mr. Qiang Gan

Where do you see the future of photography going with the help of Honor’s AI assisted camera technology?

The NPU is the key to make the AI computing possible in honor View 10. With the NPU, honor View 10 provides 13 different scene recognition when taking pictures. The phone knows what type of scene you are shooting and will smartly adjust the best photographic parameters for your shooting to make sure you can easily take the best pictures.

Mr. Qiang Gan

Does the View 10 support project treble introduced with Oreo?

Yep, the View 10 supports project treble.

Mr. Qiang Gan

What are the advantages of AI in real world usage and how does it improve end user experience? What are the chances of lab testing may not go upto the user expectations in day to day usage?

A great example of benefits that AI brings is smartphone photography. Honor View 10’s camera captures incredible details and contrast through dual lenses: the 16 megapixel RGB color lens and 20 megapixel monochrome lens. The intelligent scene recognition enabled by AI can recognize 13 pre-defined scenes. It accelerates the focusing and instantly adjust parameters to deliver optimal results. Kirin 970 chipsets support accurate detection of faces and background that enhances portraits and produces more natural photos. It also makes the rims between people and background in a photo clearer, resulting in better bokeh effects. Another amazing benefit is the smart translator on Honor View 10. We’ve worked with Microsoft to develop the offline AI Accelerated Translator software in the phone. The Honor View 10 can recognize text even in complex images. Real-time translation is just in a snap!

Mr. Qiang Gan

The winners of the three Honor View 10s were: Aaron Jeffries and XDA Members CertifiedBlyndGuy, and shashank1320.

Honor View 10Specs
ChipsetKirin 970 with NPU
Display5.99″ Honor FullView 18:9 1080 x 2160p
Camera16+20MP Rear, 13MP Front (both AI-powered)
Battery3750 mAh
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