Honor View 10 Development Recap: New ROMs, Kernel, and Mods to try

Honor View 10 Development Recap: New ROMs, Kernel, and Mods to try

Earlier this year the folks over at Honor announced the Honor Open Source Program for one of their newest smartphones, the Honor View 10. This was used as a way to give back the open source community while also providing ways to encouraged well-known developers to get their hands on the new device. Since then, we’ve seen a number of community developers start to work on the device. Today, we wanted to give you a development recap for the Honor View 10 that includes some new custom ROMs, custom kernels, and a couple of mods you should try out.

Honor View 10 ROMs

First up we have a preview build of CypherOS 6.0.0, which is considered to be an extension of AOSP. The goal of the developers is to maintain the purity of Android while also offering useful features for their users. These builds are updated and released weekly with new features, stability improvements, bug fixes, and more.

Another well known custom ROM now available for the Honor View 10 is another preview build but this time it is for the AICP 13.1 custom ROM. AICP is also known as the Ice Cold Project which started on the Desire HD back in 2012. The developers here use LineageOS as a base and then toss in some tweaks and features from AOSP.

The last custom ROM we’ll be highlighting today is Cosmic-OS v3.1 – Universe, which is based on Android 8.1 Oreo and is currently in its 20th revision since release. The developers behind Cosmic-OS use AOSP as its base for this ROM and then they toss in some additional features while also working to improve both performance and battery life.

Honor View 10 Kernels & Mods

A very well known custom kernel has recently made its way to the Honor View 10 from XDA Senior Member eng.stk. Their kernel, known as blu_spark, for this device will work when running either EMUI 8.x or any Android 8.1 custom ROM. The kernel has an extensive list of features and changes including an FS fsync toggle, ARM enhanced performance, and battery patches, and more.

There are a couple of mods that we also wanted to showcase today with the first enabling a call recorder feature within the settings, Just flash the provided ZIP file within TWRP and you should see the setting option appear. There’s also a mod (with an accompanying step by step guide) that shows you how to display your current data usage within the notification panel. This mod requires you to edit a certain file with root access and then change a line of code here before you can enable the feature in the device’s settings application.

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