HONOR x Moschino Makes The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

HONOR x Moschino Makes The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

As a leading smartphone e-brand, Honor has teamed up with the Italian luxury fashion brand Moschino to create an appealing smartphone that has both cutting-edge tech and a bold look. This collaboration brings smartphones into the fashion world and will attract customers who value luxury brands. The Honor X Moschino collaboration will feature two co-designed limited-edition versions of the HONOR’s flagship phone, the Honor View20. The partnership marks an important stage of HONOR’s global expansion, representing the perfect blend between high-end performance and luxury fashion.

Honor V20 Moschino in Phantom Blue

HONOR View20 already breaks the mold of traditional flagship smartphones in both dimension and style. It is the first smartphone to use advanced nanolithography technology to develop an invisible nano texture on the body. The coating and texture create a vivid and dynamic V-shape color gradient with a highly desirable gleaming effect. Now, fashionistas can make an even bolder statement with the release of two exclusive HONOR X MOSCHINO phones in phantom red and phantom blue. In each phone, the background is either set as the MOSCHINO double question marks or the iconic Moschino Teddy Bear.

This is the MOSCHINO’s first phone collaboration under the creative direction of Jeremy Scott, whom is well-known for his unexpected original designs. The partnership between HONOR and MOSCHINO shows both brands’ desire to explore new ways to push the boundaries with ironic aesthetics.

With this new collaboration, HONOR has opened doors for cooperation with other fashion brands, and expending beyond the brand for future possibilities.

The exclusive Moschino edition of this phone comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. There are two colors available which include Phantom Blue and Phantom Red. This collaboration brings this special edition of the Honor View20 to consumers for CNY 4,000 ($590/€520).


Honor View20ChipsetRAMDisplayBatteryStoragePrice
StandardHiSilicon Kirin 9806GB1080 x 2310 pixels4000mAh128GB$465
StandardHiSilicon Kirin 9808GB1080 x 2310 pixels4000mAh128GB$530
MoschinoHiSilicon Kirin 9808GB1080 x 2310 pixels4000mAh256GB$590

About Moschino

Moschino is an iconic Italian luxury fashion brand that was founded in 1983. It rose to the forefront of the international fashion scene through their ironic tongue-in-cheek designs. Jeremy Scott is the Creative Director who brought the brand to an new high with original designs and unique vision.

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