Honor and XDA Team Up Again to Encourage Development (+New Community Incentive Program)

Honor and XDA Team Up Again to Encourage Development (+New Community Incentive Program)

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Last year, Honor partnered with XDA on a range of initiatives. First and foremost, we worked with them to foster the release of kernel sources for their 2016 flagship, the Honor 8, which lead to healthy development for the device including the release of unofficial builds of LineageOS 14.1, Resurrection Remix, and others, as well as several custom kernels and development tools. Thanks to a team of developers (including XePeleato, surdu_petru, hackslash, OldDroid, and others), owners of the Honor 8 have a lot of choice when it comes to what software they want to run on their device.

We’re excited to announce a 2017 continuation of our partnership with Honor which will mean several things. First, we will be re-invigorating development for past Honor devices, such as the 8, 6X, and 8 Pro, and we will work to assemble development teams to make sure new Honor devices, to be released this year, will see healthy development activity. If you’re a developer and want to work on Honor phones, please PM svetius in the forums. We realize that a couple of months ago, Honor removed kernel source from their support Portal, but they’re now back online, including kernel source for Nougat-based EMUI 5.0. These releases are critical for development, and Honor knows that and are working hard to be more open.

Another thing we did with Honor was encourage participation in all Honor sections with our Community Incentive Program (CIP). In short, we ran an automated script in the background that detected quality posts, awarded points, and allowed us to give out prizes at the end of each month, such as earphones, fitness bands, and many Honor phones. We’re excited to announce CIP 2.0, effective June 1, which will operate much like the original CIP except that we will track two point values: cumulative and monthly. This way, people that are new to CIP have a chance at winning a prize, whereas last year, the same people would win over and over again because we only considered cumulative value. However, for those that have a lot of CIP points (and you can see the leaderboard on the bottom of the Honor Hub or by hovering on an Honor badge), we will be awarding the person with the most cumulative CIP points a premium Chromebook (model tbd) at the end of this year. So whether you’re new to CIP or have been active in Honor sections since August of last year when we started the original CIP, you’re in the running to win prizes!

We thank Honor for this sponsorship.