Hovering Controls Update Brings Additional Gesture Actions

Hovering Controls Update Brings Additional Gesture Actions

Not too long ago, we covered an application by XDA Forum Member forgin that allowed users to control their devices without actually touching them. Back then, there were three supported gestures: hover hold, swipe once, and swipe twice. These settings could be assigned to start any user-selectable application.

In the time since our last article, forgin’s app has acquired additional functionalty. In addition to launching applications, the app can now control a variety of device functions. These include media player and gallery app controls, scrolling in your web browser, answering incoming calls, silencing calls and alarms, accessing your home screen, and even unlocking your device. As described by the developer:

Features for NO ROOT:
– Set apps to open with all the available gestures.
– Silence alarm.
– Silence incoming call.
– Switch betwen recent apps (like back and forward beheaviour)
– Fast go to home screen
– QuickGlance like Galaxy S4 has!!! (or choose to show your lockscreen)
– Control your music player (next/previous/pause/resume) even with screen off!!!
– Shake your phone to switch speakerphone on/off

Features for ROOT USERS:
– All previous features.
– AutoShoot pictures/videos, no need to push the button again! (DESACTIVATED UNTIL NEW UPDATE)
– Unlock screen with two hand slides! (not available with secure lockscreens yet, future updates)
– Slide betwen your photos in your image gallery (1 slide->next, 2 slides->previous)
– Scroll up and down in your browser (1 slide->down, 2 slides->up)
– Answer incoming call, just put your phone near to your ear (it uses Hover Hold motion)

The feature list is still growing, and future versions will be available in a variety of languages. Best of all, the developer has provided the application free of charge to XDA forum members.

To get started, head over to the application thread, and if you like it, show your support for the developer.

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