How Brave Browser Lets You Support XDA For Free

How Brave Browser Lets You Support XDA For Free

When you visit your favorite websites, you support them by viewing the ads placed throughout the site. These ads generate revenue for the website and helps to pay the hosting fees and other costs associated with any particular website. It’s a great way to make sure that websites can be available for free, while still earning a revenue. The downside of this is that ads can drastically slow down your browsing experience. Brave Browser disables ads be default, which makes it one of the fastest browsers available. Now they have a solution that lets you browse all of your favorite websites (like XDA) without the ads, but still support us so that we can pay the bills.


When you use Brave Browser, you start collecting Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). This digital currency can be used to support XDA and other websites in a few different ways.


Brave Browser’s Auto-Contribute feature will let you to set up a reoccurring donation of BAT tokens to your favorite websites.


The tips feature lets you donate on the spot. You can send your BAT tokens to your favorite publishers and developers quickly.


Brave’s newest solution to help support publishers, is viewing optional ads. By viewing these ads, you will get rewarded in BAT tokens. These ads are matched with you based on your browsing activity. With privacy being one of the biggest motivations behind the Brave Browser, they make sure your browsing history never leaves your device. It is not shared with anyone, not even the people the Brave offices.

These personalized and highly relevant ads are matched to you with local machine learning technology. To opt in, just press the Brave Rewards icon in the right of the URL bar.

Brave Rewards

You can track your estimated earnings and total number of ad notifications that you’ve received, in your rewards panel. The payment date is the date that you will be able to collect your rewards. Once you’ve collected your BAT tokens, you can start supporting your most visited websites.

Since viewing the ads is totally optional, you can choose how many ads you want to see per hour. You can choose as little as one ad per hour, or go up to five. It’s all up to you.

Download Brave Browser and start browsing faster and safer.

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