How Huawei is Improving Live E-commerce: Webinar Highlights

How Huawei is Improving Live E-commerce: Webinar Highlights

On August 6th, 2020, Huawei hosted their Huawei Developer Webinar that focused on introducing their new e-commerce related services. This webinar titled “Connect LIVEs with E-commerce” is an hour-long and was streamed for free online. If you missed the livestream, you can catch the replay using the link below. In their article, we are going to recap all of the most exciting points from the stream.

Watch the Huawei Developers Webinar Here

Global partners Share their Live E-commerce Experiences

Huawei invited global big names from the e-commerce domain to come share their experiences at this webinar. These experts were able to share their thoughts on the increasingly popular e-commerce livestreaming solutions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have been looking at new ways to have successful online retail events. One of the areas seeing the most growth is in-app livestreams. During the webinar, we got to hear from the following experts:


Roosevelt Nascimento [Head of Product and Business Intelligence for Dafiti]

We need to take advantage of the Huawei partnership to offer a seamless and better experience. Huawei has a high standard of quality devices using technology like high-quality images for image search, or even HiAI as an assistant to find the right product.

Roosevelt Nascimento

Andres Cooper O. [CEO and Co-Founder of Chilaeutos]

Livestreaming allows us to reach more users, position our brand, and strengthen our ties with our community. Livestreams create entertainment and useful information about our industry.

Andres Cooper O.

Amelyn Marin [Marketing Manager for E-fast]

A key factor with an impact on e-commerce business is the user-friendliness of the platforms that people use to buy products. COVID-19 has forced many stores to close their doors for weeks. As a result, many of them have relied on online broadcasts to connect with potential customers without needing a physical place.

Amelyn Marin

Larry Lin [VP, Head of Marketing for Zaful]

This feature brings great profit potential to the livestreaming market. Unlike sellers in China, sellers in other countries are not familiar with the technique of livestreaming… Many players are still entering the industry. Zaful is one of them.

Larry Lin

Roland Ros [CEO and Founder of Kumu]

It’s not just like the home shopping network. Basically what’s happening is you’re actually selling products to your friends and family like they were in your own home. So that’s something that’s really very interesting for us and E-commerce.

Roland Ros

Each guest explains how COVID-19 has affected their business, while they’ve seen an increase in online sales. Their partnership with Huawei allows them to grow this market using the new livestreaming technologies.

New Trends of Live-streaming E-commerce

Livestreamed e-commerce has become a hot growth area for the e-commerce industry. This area saw the most growth in 2020 as it becomes a strong method for obtaining capital for consumers and investors globally. The live e-commerce experience is far more interactive than your traditional online retail. Engage in real-time questions and answers, related to the current content being streamed. Consumers find this interactive experience much more exciting and make online shopping more fun in general.

If you look at retail trends across multiple industries, we find that those who use live e-commerce are seeing growing conversion rates when compared to traditional retail. Studying the current trend of e-commerce, you can safely predict that this is going to continue to be a growing market for online retail. Many companies will continue to invest in this new trend to gain the significant advantages of this type of content.

E-commerce sales growth

Huawei shared information about the growth of online e-commerce compared to typical retail sales. Huawei says that they’ve personally experienced massive growth in this area, with the launch of 25 new e-commerce stores in several different countries. They have also experienced an uplift in revenue of more than 200% in 2020.

In order to keep up with the change, companies will need to evolve the way they interact with customers. The days of boring texts descriptions and product review videos are gone. Now super interactive livestreamed content can be used to boost product sales.

Huawei went on to give specifics about the success of the different types of products being sold using live e-commerce. Watch the livestream replay for a more in-depth look at all of these specifics.

New Technology of Live-streaming E-commerce

As the webinar continued we got a look at the specific features that will be available through the HMS kits related to live e-commerce. The overall goal of these kits is to make the livestreaming process simple, faster, more cost-effective, and more immersive. The next-gen live studios can consist of as little as one mobile phone and an external camera. This is all you need to get started with your multi-camera livestream.

Digital backgdrops will be another feature that can replace costly sets and locations. Digital backdrops are easy to use and can be changed to fit your specific scenario.  Hosts will also be able to show the internal details and parameters of the product. This information will be shown visually as an overlay on the livestream.

The final feature they discussed was a more fluid streaming experience. One of the biggest challenges of online streaming is maintaining a high-quality stream throughout your show. Since this is such an important feature to drive sales, Huawei put a lot of effort into making it easier to maintain your stream quality, even for slower connections. Your phone will be able to detect the quality of your connection in real-time and then adjust the stream quality accordingly.

Huawei proceeded to show their demo video of some of these features in action:

The current platforms that feature Huawei’s versatile mobile phone shooting features are:

  • LiveMe
  • Likee
  • Huawei MeeTime

These camera features are currently compatible with:

  • Drift action cameras
  • AIcidae AI panoramic cameras

This is just the beginning, as Huawei says more services and more compatible hardware are coming in the near future.

Collaboration Pilot Program

In the final part of the livestream, Peter Gauden [Head of WEU Eco-Development Marketing for Huawei Consumer Business Group] talked about their collaboration pilot program. The long-term program is designed to support the creation of the next generation of innovative apps and services. This program is open to all developers. Huawei is looking to help fund partners that are looking to implement livestreaming solutions into their platforms.

Banggood is one of the first major companies to join the program. Huawei is looking to fund five select partners in total. If you are a developer and you’re interested in joining this program, you can email Huawei at [email protected].

Pilot Collaboration Program

Huawei promises that they are here for the long run, with a goal of seeing the best ideas become reality.

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