How Important are Slim or “Efficient” Bezels to You?

How Important are Slim or “Efficient” Bezels to You?

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We increasingly see the use of curved glass on smartphones, sometimes even emulating Samsung’s “Edge” design trademark, and concept phones like the Xiaomi Mi Mix suggest a new focus on slim bezels could be on the horizon.

Many people have also criticized the bezels of 2016 devices like the Moto Z and Pixel XL, although there are also arguments in favor of bigger chins and sides: it’s arguably easier to reach the navigation bar (particularly software keys) with a larger bottom bezel, and if the sides are too thin the UX might suffer due to accidental touches. Some people like their phones as compact as possible, while many will argue this impacts touch accuracy, grip or general ergonomics. So we ask you,

How important are slim bezels to you? What about maximizing the top and bottom bezels with speakers or fingerprint readers? Does it impact your purchasing decision at all? What are your phone’s bezels like, and what would you change?

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