[Discussion] How long do you keep your phone?

[Discussion] How long do you keep your phone?

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Smartphone longevity is something we probably don’t talk about enough. We tend to get caught up in the cycle of new phones being announced almost every week. The average person isn’t buying a new phone every week, month, or even year. In fact, according to recent research, the average Samsung phone is active for 16.5 months. More people are using the same smartphone for more than three years now.

This brings up an interesting question for the Android community. It may not be surprising to learn that a “regular” person keeps the same smartphone for a long time, but what about Android diehards? The people who read tech blogs and download the latest apps before everyone else finds out about them. How often do you upgrade your phone?

A lot of this has nothing to do with how big of an Android fan you are, of course. Money is the biggest issue. Some people couldn’t care less about smartphones, but they have the money to always have the latest and great gadget. Other people can identify a phone just by looking at the camera bump, but don’t have the funds to match their obsession.

So now we turn the discussion over to you: how long do you keep your phone and why? Is longevity a factor in your phone buying decision?