How Mashvisor can simplify your real estate investing

How Mashvisor can simplify your real estate investing

Investing in real estate has always been a smart move. In times past, simply holding on to your property was enough to make money. Today, house prices are fairly stable — but there is a great return to be made on rentals and Airbnb. Mashvisor is a platform that helps you find the best investment properties in minutes. You can currently get lifetime access for only $39 at the XDA Developers Depot.

By analyzing public rental data, Mashvisor helps you find real estate that offers the best return on investment. You simply select a geographic area you want to search and input your budget. 


The site does the rest, ranking properties that are currently on the market. Mashvisor also looks at Airbnb rates and occupancy within your specified area. 

This kind of research would normally take months, but you can find a perfect investment in just 15 minutes with Mashvisor.

Lifetime access on the Basic plan is worth $1,499, but you can get your subscription now for $39.


Mashvisor: Lifetime Subscription – $39

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