How to change your Nest Doorbell ringtone to spooky Halloween sounds or one of the new year-round tones

How to change your Nest Doorbell ringtone to spooky Halloween sounds or one of the new year-round tones

If you have a Nest doorbell from Google, it’s quite simple to change the ringtone of your device. Apart from the classic “ding dong” sound, the Nest doorbell can be customized to play various other ringtones that you can set from within the Nest app. Google also rolls out a few seasonal ringtones from time to time during festive seasons, the latest ones being themed according to the upcoming Halloween festivities. Google is giving you the option to change your traditional ringtone to spooky sounds to match the vibe of Halloween. While Google has offered festive ringtones in the past, this year, they’re offering six “evergreen” ringtones that can be used even after the festive season is over.

If you wish to modify the sound your doorbell plays when someone’s at your house, here’s how to change your Nest Doorbell ringtone.

How to change the ringtone on your Nest Doorbell

Nest doorbell

The procedure to change your Nest Doorbell’s ringtone is quite simple. You can change the sound your doorbell makes by following these steps and if you have other Nest speakers at home, the modified ringtone can also be played via them. Also, note that some ringtones are seasonal and can be used only when Google makes them available.

For example, the Halloween-themed ringtones like an evil laugh, a skeleton dance, a spooky raven, a ghostly boo, a howling werewolf, a cackling witch, etc. are going live on 1st October 2021 and will stay till 31st October 2021. You can use these tones only during that phase. This time around, Google is also making a few tones available throughout the year if you have the wireless version of the Nest Doorbell so those can be applied whenever you want. You can continue to use these ringtones throughout the year on your Nest Doorbell wireless instead of it defaulting back to the stock sound after 31 October.

Here’s how you can change your Nest Doorbell ringtone to one of the new evergreen options –

  • Update your Google Home or Nest app to the latest version to receive all the new tones Google is rolling out.
  • Launch the Nest or the Google Home app on your smartphone to access the doorbell settings.
  • Select the doorbell you want to change the ringtone of.

Nest doorbell settings

  • Head over to the device’s Settings where you will find the option to choose a ringtone of your choice.
  • Select the ringtone and you’re done.

Nest doorbell

If you’re using a time-limited ringtone, the sound will default back to your older tone once the duration elapses. Watch out for Google’s specially themed ringtones that keep rolling out throughout the year. Changing to those ringtones will give your house a unique feel whenever you have a visitor.

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