XDA Basics: How to Change the Wallpaper on an iPhone

XDA Basics: How to Change the Wallpaper on an iPhone

If you’ve got yourself a brand new iPhone and recently switched over from Android, you may find it difficult to navigate through basic settings on iOS. A lot of things aren’t as straightforward as on Android and even simple settings like the option to change the wallpaper or other home screen elements are buried inside the Settings app. So we’re going to tell you how to change the wallpaper on your iPhone in a few different ways.

iPhone Homescreen

Changing Wallpaper from the Default Options on iOS

Just like any other phone, every iPhone comes with a set of default wallpapers you can choose from. A lot of default wallpapers on the iPhone have different variations depending on what theme you’ve set on your iPhone. If you’re on the light theme, wallpapers have brighter colors and if you’re team dark mode, the wallpapers also have a slightly darker tone to match the overall aesthetic. You even have the option to pick live wallpapers if you like seeing changes on your home screen from time to time.


Here’s how you can access all the default wallpapers on iOS and change the look of your home screen and lock screen –

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to find the Wallpaper option.

Wallpaper Settings on iPhone

  • Tap on it and then select Choose a New Wallpaper.

Change Wallpaper Settings

  • You will now see three options at the top – Dynamic, Stills, and Live. You can go through all the wallpapers under these three options to see which one you like.

Change Wallpapers to Dynamic, Stills, and Live

  • Once you find the wallpaper you want to apply, tap on it and select the Set option on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Set Option on screen

  • Select whether you want to apply the wallpaper to your home screen, lock screen, or both, and your wallpaper will be changed.

Apply to home screen and lock screen

Changing Wallpaper from the Photos App

If you’ve clicked a nice picture or you have an image stored on your iPhone that you want to use as your wallpaper, the process is quite simple.

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone and navigate to the album where the photo you want to use is saved.
  • Tap on the photo to open it and then select the Share button located at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Image in Photos app

  • This will open the iOS Share Sheet where, if you scroll down, you can see an option that says Use as Wallpaper.

Change Wallpaper on iOS Share Sheet

  • Tap on it and you will see a preview where you need to tap on Set and choose whether you want to apply the wallpaper to your home screen, lock screen, or both. Once you select the relevant option, your wallpaper will be changed.

Using Third-party Apps to Apply a Wallpaper

If you don’t like the built-in wallpapers that iOS has, and none of the pictures you have can be set as wallpapers, there are several third-party apps you can download from the App Store that offer lots of wallpaper options. Vellum and Backdrops are two apps we highly recommend for some great quality wallpapers.

  • Download whichever app you prefer and navigate through the different options to choose which wallpaper you’d like.
  • Once you’ve landed on a wallpaper you like, download or save it onto your iPhone.

Backdrops app

  • Next, head over to the Photos app on your iPhone and follow the steps we mentioned in the previous section regarding how to change the wallpaper from the Photos app.

Using any of these methods, you should easily be able to change the wallpaper on your iPhone and customize the look of it as per your liking. Speaking of customization, if you want to change the exterior look of your iPhone as well and give it some extra protection, you might also want to check out the best cases for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro or even the 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Mini.

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