XDA Basics: How to check storage on a Mac

XDA Basics: How to check storage on a Mac

Macs are Apple’s personal computer lineup — iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and more. They offer great capabilities that rivals, in some cases, find hard to catch up with. Protecting your MacBook Pro with a case will only make it last longer, so make sure to buy one if you haven’t yet. Sometimes we’re curious about how much space we still have on our computers, so here’s how to check storage on a Mac.

How to check storage on a Mac

  • Tap on the Apple logo in the top left corner.

Free up space on macOS 1

  • Click on About This Mac.
  • Go to the Storage section in the middle of the top bar.
  • There you will find a summary of your Mac’s storage — its total capacity, what’s available, and the categories of data occupying space.

Free up space on macOS 2

  • Click on Manage to view more storage details

Free up space on macOS 3

  • On top of the sidebar, you will see a Recommendations section, where there are suggestions to clear up space.

Free up space on macOS 5

  • Right below Recommendations, you will be able to view the detailed categories of data that are occupying your Mac’s space. This includes installed applications, documents, Mail and Messages attachments, photos and videos, trashed items, and more.
  • Below the categories you can view how much the actual operating system is taking space.

Viewing storage details on your Mac is a very simple process, as you have seen above. Just follow the steps we’ve provided and you will be able to take a look whenever there’s a need to. It’s important to leave some empty space on your Mac’s hard drive. So we have prepared for you another guide on how to free up space on a Mac. The procedure is very simple to follow, as well, even if you aren’t very tech savvy.

How much storage do you use on your Mac? Let us know in the comments section below.

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