How to clear cache on a Mac

How to clear cache on a Mac

Apple has a wide variety of computers, aimed at different people and needs. If you’re not sure which one suits your usage patterns most, make sure to check our guide on the best Macs currently available. If you decide to go for a MacBook Pro, take a look at our list of best MacBook Pro cases to protect it from potential damages. Checking storage and freeing up space on a Mac are simples processes. However, macOS keeps cached files from installed apps and the operating system itself around. Deleting them can free up even more space, speed up the performance, and resolve certain bugs and glitches. Here’s how to clear cache on a Mac.


How to clear cache on a Mac

  • Close all open apps after saving your data or progress.

clear cache on a macOS Mac 1

  • Launch Finder from the Dock.

clear cache on a macOS Mac 2

  • Click on Go in the menubar.

clear cache on a macOS Mac 3

  • Tap on Go to Folder.

clear cache on a macOS Mac 4

  • Type ~/Library/ in the text field.
  • Hit the Return key.

clear cache on a macOS Mac 5

  • Locate the folder titled Caches.
  • Enter it.
  • Hit Command + A to select all of its contents.

clear cache on a macOS Mac 6

  • Press Command + Delete to trash the included files and folders.

clear cache on a macOS Mac 7

  • Hit Shift + Command + Delete to empty the Trash.
  • Voila! This will free up even more space on your Mac and sometimes fix certain bugs.

Caches are files created by apps and macOS that store loaded content. Clearing cache shouldn’t cause any important data loss. However, next time you launch your apps, it will take slightly longer for them to load, since they will need to reload the deleted content/cache. So what’s the point of clearing cache if apps are going to create them again anyway?

Some caches are left behind by content that isn’t needed or no longer exists. By clearing the cache, the useless files will be removed, and next time you reload a certain app, it’ll only create the updated cache files it needs to operate. So the new cache won’t be identical to the trashed one. Instead, it will have a smaller size, thus freeing up storage on your Mac.

How often do you clear the cache on your Mac? Let us know in the comments section below.

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