How to create Amazon Echo speaker groups using the Alexa app

How to create Amazon Echo speaker groups using the Alexa app

Smart speakers have become so ubiquitous lately that a lot of households have more than one speaker set up for playing music or controlling other smart home devices. Amazon’s Echo speakers are quite popular in this regard as they can be easily paired with one another to create groups and play music in multiple rooms at the same time. One Echo speaker is good, but several Echos playing music together is just better, right? In this article, we’ll tell you how to create Amazon Echo speaker groups using the Alexa app.

If you have more than one Echo speaker in your home, then you can easily pair them via the Amazon Alexa app by following a few simple steps. This works regardless of where you’ve kept the speakers, as long as they’re all connected to the same network. For instance, you can set up different Echo speakers in different rooms of your house or you can have them all in the same room together if you want to enhance your audio experience. This will also work irrespective of the Echo device you have. Here’s how you can set up a group:


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Amazon Echo Dot

You’re going to need a couple of things before pairing the Echo devices together. Here, take a look:

  • Echo speakers: You need more than one speaker to create a group, so you’ll need at least two speakers for this to work. Make sure both speakers are registered to your Amazon account and are ready to go.
  • Amazon Alexa app: We’re going to use Amazon’s Alexa app for Android or iOS to create a speaker group. You probably have this app installed on your phone already if you use an Echo device. If not, make sure you’ve downloaded it on your smartphone before you begin.
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How to create Amazon Echo speaker groups using the Alexa app

Assuming you have both the Echo speakers set up and connected to your home network, you’re now ready to follow the step given below to create a new speaker group:

  • Open the Alexa app and select the Devices section from the bottom menu.
  • Now, look for a Plus icon on the top right corner of the screen and select it to see a pop-up menu.
  • From the pop-up menu, select Add Group option and then select Create a room or device group.

Create Echo speaker groups 1

  • Once you’re in, choose Next and assign a name to the room from the predefined list.
  • On the next page, you’ll now get an option to add Alexa devices to the selected room. This page will essentially show the list of Echo speakers that are available to be paired for the group.
  • Simply select the Echo speakers of your choice, and choose Next to finish setting up the group.

Creating speaker groups in Alexa app

In this tutorial, as you can see, we’ve paired a 4th gen Echo Dot with a 3rd gen Echo Dot speaker to create a ‘Bedroom’ group. Once done, we can now ask Alexa to play music in the bedroom. If you have more than two speakers in a group, then you can also choose which speaker to play the music on.

A screenshot showing an option to select speaker to play music in Echo speaker group

It’s fairly simple to create Echo speaker groups using the Alexa app. The only thing you need to make sure of is the speakers are all connected to the same network. Unlike the case with creating a stereo speaker pair with Amazon Echo, you can use pretty much any Echo speaker to create a group. You don’t necessarily have to pair the same generation Echo Dot speakers, for instance.

Additionally, you can also combine groups to play music on a select group of Echo speakers in your house. You can do this by selecting the Combine rooms and groups option on the group creation screen that we saw earlier. Inside, you’ll be able to select the groups that you’ve already created and combine them to play music in larger areas of your house. You only see one group in the screenshot below because we’ve only created a single group for this tutorial. Rest assured, all your groups will be populated in this section.

A screenshot showing the option to combine different groups of Echo speakers to play music on larger sections of your house

    The Amazon Echo is the best all-around smart speaker for most people with a nice design, great sound and the immense power of the Alexa ecosystem at its disposal.

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