How to download and install Steam games on an Apple Mac

How to download and install Steam games on an Apple Mac

When it comes to gaming, Macs get a lot of negative feedback from other operating systems’ fans, despite them being powerful computers. There’s an Apple device for all kinds of computing needs out there, so if you’re looking to buy one, make sure to check out the best Macs currently available. Whether you have an older MacBook or the latest MacBook Pro, it’s important to keep it protected with a case. Now you might be wondering how to download and install Steam games on a Mac. It’s easy — just follow the steps below!

Download and installing Steam games on macOS

using Steam on macOS 1

  • Head to on your favorite macOS browser and hit on Install Steam in the top right corner.

using Steam on macOS 2

  • Once you’re taken to the download page, hit INSTALL STEAM again.

using Steam on macOS 3

  • Allow the download to go through.

using Steam on macOS 4

  • Once done, click on the Download icon in the top right corner then double click the steam.dmg file. You can alternatively access it from the Downloads folder in Finder.

using Steam on macOS 5

  • Once you double click it, drag the Steam icon to the Applications folder, as instructed.

using Steam on macOS 6

  • You will then find the Steam app in your Launcher. Tap it and hit Open after you get the shown security alert.

using Steam on macOS 7

  • It will then have to do additional downloads in the background. Just leave it be.

using Steam on macOS 8

  • When it finishes downloading, you will be taken to the account screen where you can log in or sign up.

using Steam on macOS 9

  • Once you enter your username, password, and 2FA (2-factor authentication) code, hit FINISH.

using Steam on macOS 10

  • You will then get an interface similar to that of the web version of Steam. Hit Home under Library in the top left corner.

using Steam on macOS 11

  • Choose the game you want to download from the sidebar, or head to the Store where you can buy games you don’t already own.

using Steam on macOS 12

  • After choosing a game from the sidebar, hit on INSTALL.

using Steam on macOS 13

  • You will be given the choice to add desktop and application shortcuts. Customize them based on your preferences.

using Steam on macOS 14

  • Your game will then start downloading, and you can track its progress by clicking on DOWNLOADS in the bottom center.

using Steam on macOS 15

  • Once it’s done downloading, it will automatically install. Afterwards you can launch it by hitting PLAY on the right.

using Steam on macOS 16

  • Voila! Enjoy playing your favorite Steam games on your Mac.

What games do you actively play on your Mac? Let us know in the comments section below.

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