XDA Basics: How to download YouTube videos to your PC (or phone)

XDA Basics: How to download YouTube videos to your PC (or phone)

Normally, if you want to download a YouTube video, you have to be paying for YouTube Premium, and even then, you have to do it on your phone using the YouTube app. What if you want to watch a video on your computer later when you’re not connected to the internet? We’re here to show you how to download YouTube videos on both your phone and your PC.

To be clear, we don’t recommend that you do this as your regular way to watch YouTube videos. YouTube content creators rely on views for their income, and downloading them to watch them offline as a replacement to watching them on YouTube can hurt their livelihood. This is for situations where you need to be able to watch something offline for one reason or another. Also bear in mind that Google is always attempting to block ways these videos can be downloaded (for the reasons we just mentioned) so it’s always possible some tools stop working in the future.


Download YouTube videos using a website

The quickest way to download a single YouTube video is using a website that can do exactly that. There have been many sites like this over the years, but right now, we’d recommend YT1s.com, which is a simple and straightforward option. Because it’s a website, it also works on both desktop and smartphones, so you can download videos on any device.

To download a YouTube video, simply open it on your desktop or mobile browser and copy the URL of the video. If you’re using the YouTube smartphone app, you’ll need to use the Share button to then see the Copy link option. Then, go to YT1s.com, paste the URL of the video and click the Convert button. The video will be identified and you’ll have the option to download it in different formats and resolutions.

Downloading a video with YT1s

Choose your preferred format and then click Get Link. The website will take a few seconds to process your request and then you can click the Download button to save the video to your device.

That’s it! If you want to download more videos, you can click the Convert Next button to enter another URL and repeat the process. Or you can use our next recommendation.

Download videos using a desktop program (Youtube-DLG)

If you want to download more than one video, your best option for download them in bulk is a program called Youtube-DLG, which is available for Windows and various Linux distributions. You can download Youtube-DLG here or view the project on GitHub if you’re interested in learning more. It actually supports YouTube and a wide range of other sites, so you can download all kinds of videos this way.

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file (assuming you’re on Windows), extract the installer and then run it. After it installs, launch Youtube-DLG from your Start menu or desktop, and enter the URL for the video (or videos) you want to download in the box at the top.

Adding URLs to download in Youtube-DLG

Between the two large boxes, you can also change the format you want to download the videos in, including audio formats. There’s also an option to choose the destination folder for your downloads. Once you’ve chosen your settings, click Add and the videos will show up on the list on the bottom half.

Downloading videos with Youtube-DLG

Once you’ve set the format you want, you can click the download button (in the bottom right corner) to start downloading them all. Only three will download at the same time, but the list will automatically move to the next video as they finish.

One thing we have to mention here is that this download gives you pretty slow speeds, at least based on our testing. It could be some issue with our specific setup, but these downloads will take a while, especially if you download them in their original format. Otherwise, that’s all you need to do.

If you want some more advanced options, the app’s settings also let you add more formats to the download list, plus you can choose to download the included YouTube video subtitles, too.

And that’s how you can download YouTube videos to your phone or PC easily. It’s all a fairly straightforward process, so you shouldn’t run into any major issues here. Personally speaking, I’d rather use the website than using another program to download videos, but if you’re downloading in bulk, that’s a better option.

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