How To Flash Grace UX (Note 7) ROM

How To Flash Grace UX (Note 7) ROM

A few days ago, Zach showed us his review for the Grace UX ROM which can be seen here. Today we have another video for you. This time you can learn how to flash this awesome ROM on your own device, using this step by step guide. For this tutorial  you will need a Galaxy Note 5 that is rooted with a custom recovery installed. If you aren’t rooted yet, check out this tutorial here. vlcsnap-2016-08-02-04h49m27s698 If you have flashed ROMs in the past, then you can probably do the following steps blindfolded. Either way, it’s always good to read through just in case you forget something.

  • First you’ll want to download the ROM here.
  • Make sure you’re rooted with a custom recovery
  • Make a backup (We are not responsible for anything that goes wrong)
  • Copy the ROM to your internal storage
  • Put the device into recovery mode
  • Perform a factory data reset
  • Flash the ROM
  • Reboot (first boot usually takes a while)
  • You’re all set!

vlcsnap-2016-08-02-05h36m42s686 If at any point you get stuck, refer to the video for a visual aid.

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