How to force Wide Screen for any app on the LG G8X with the Dual Screen attachment

How to force Wide Screen for any app on the LG G8X with the Dual Screen attachment

The LG G8X is not a terribly exciting device on its own, but it’s saved by the interesting Dual Screen attachment. This Dual Screen opens up the device to a bunch of extra features that you can only do with “foldable” phones. However, there are quite a few limitations to what you can do, as I explained in my First Impressions. An app called G8X WideMode fixes one of my biggest gripes.

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One of the features that LG has included with the G8X and Dual Screen attachment is called “Wide view.” It allows you to display an app across both displays like you can do with a PC and dual monitors. The problem is very, very few apps support this feature. A very simple app called G8X WideMode makes it possible for any app to be displayed in Wide view. It adds a shortcut to the Quick Settings and had worked really well for me so far. Check it out below:


All you have to do is install the app from the Play Store and add the new shortcut to your Quick Settings pull-down. As mentioned, it has worked really well for me. There are a few issues to keep in mind, however. Intent changes will revert the app to single-screen mode. So if you click a link in an app and it opens in an external app. This will cause some apps to not play nice, but I haven’t run into many problems.

  1. Install G8X WideMode
  2. Pull down the notification shade
  3. Swipe down again to open the full Quick Settings view
  4. Tap the pencil icon and look for the “Wide Mode” shortcut
  5. Drag it to your favorites and tap the checkmark
  6. Open any app, swipe down to show Quick Settings, tap the Wide Mode shortcut

If you have an LG G8X with Dual Screen, I highly recommend downloading this app. It’s one of the things I really wished LG had included by default.

WideMode for LG
Developer: Yutaka Tsumori
Price: Free

Source: XDA Forums

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