How to Give Feedback for XDA’s Navigation Gestures App

How to Give Feedback for XDA’s Navigation Gestures App

XDA’s Navigation Gestures app is about six months old now. In that time, we’ve added many new actions, gestures, and even a whole new mode that replicates the functionality of OnePlus’ gestures in OxygenOS. But this isn’t a simple app, and it doesn’t have a simple goal. There are always bugs to be fixed. We’ve been working on as many as we’ve found while also adding even more requested features, but we can’t keep going without user input.

We created our Telegram group for this purpose. We had a way to directly receive feedback and to share test builds of Navigation Gestures, and it’s been very helpful. The input we received led us to introduce features like the Activity launcher and to fix bugs like the broken “Home” action in OxygenOS.

However, Telegram isn’t really a great place for reporting bugs and testing beta apps. After all, it’s a chat app and not an issue tracker. When people report issues or request features, their messages can be quickly lost in other discussions and forgotten. Sharing test builds has also been tricky for similar reasons.

The issues with Telegram were exemplified with the release of Navigation Gestures 1.4 to the Play Store. Many issues users have experienced since updating either weren’t found or weren’t reported before we released it. Others, we’d marked as fixed, just to have them resurface. Because of this, we recently introduced two new things: a beta program in the Play Store, and a GitHub repository for reports.

The Play Store beta program is public, and you can sign up right here or through the Play Store app on your phone. We’ll be publishing test builds here from now on, instead of to the Telegram group. If you experience any bugs, go to the GitHub repository to report them.

The GitHub repository is what we’re using for reporting and tracking issues. If you’ve found a bug, or you want a new feature, this is the place to tell us. We’ll also be uploading test builds here.

If you do have a request, please keep the following in mind:

  • If you’re creating a new issue, make sure that someone else hasn’t already raised it! Look at the closed issues as well, we may have already addressed it.
  • Read the project’s post on the forums! Chances are you’ll see your issue addressed there.
  • There are some things we just can’t fix. If we close your issue with this reason, please understand there’s simply nothing we can do.
  • Follow the templates! They’re there so we can better understand and resolve the issue. Include as much detail as possible. “It doesn’t work” just isn’t useful.

If you think something is missing from Navigation Gestures, or you’ve run into a bug, head on over to the GitHub repository and let us know!

Navigation Gestures on GitHub

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