How to Listen to Beats 1 on Android Right Now

How to Listen to Beats 1 on Android Right Now

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If you felt a bit left out by Apple launching their own online radio station Beats 1 yesterday, Twitter user Benji R has an answer for you, at least temporarily. Beats 1 is Apple’s proprietary competitor to established online radio stations like BBC Radio 1, featuring a number of popular DJs curating their favorite tracks, led by Zane Lowe.

Bucking their usual trend, Apple have actually planned for the Apple Music app – mandatory for listening to Beats 1 – to come to Android, but it won’t be available until ‘this Fall’. Until then, Android users don’t have any official method of tuning in to the service, even though Windows desktop (or OS X) users do. Benji R “managed to find an unencrypted HLS [HTTP Live Streaming] URL” of Beats 1 however, meaning that almost anyone can simply access the stream through a browser without signing up to Apple’s paid service subscription. If you are running Android 4.1 or later, follow the link here to listen.

Naturally, Apple will be looking to close this gap as soon as possible, because it bypasses their normal method of generating revenue, but until that happens they’re receiving some free exposure from Android users all over the world. Now is your best chance of seeing what the radio station has to offer, but if you like what you hear, you’ll need to wait a few months and pay $9.99 a month to re-connect.

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